Thursday, July 18, 2013

FSF: Building Her Internal World

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Wisdom

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In retrospect, Rose realized her inner wisdom had been with her since age 5 when she began to internalize television show personalities who she saw as people who would protect her: private detectives, police officers, soldiers. Internally she would role play the television episodes with some adaption placing herself into the story always ending up being rescued.

Rose never shared her ever growing inner world with others and never deemed them as imaginary friends. After coming to know she had been acting out a form of backwards multiplicity four decades later, it all made sense.  Somehow it felt good knowing her inner wisdom had always been with her protecting her in his own way.

Photo: "77 Sunset Strip" was a popular television series about a private investigative firm which aired in the late 50s.


  1. If we had no imagination, we wouldn't be poets.


  2. We live into our own fantasy, and we have the power to make it real.

    Safety is just one inch off reality, but we can make it true enough to suffice during all our life.

    Good point you make here!

  3. Great post and excellent point. I loved the show 77 Sunset Strip!

  4. We all do this in one way or another from time to time I think.. Good take..x

  5. Interesting take on the prompt! Well done, my friend.

  6. I'm old enough to remember watching that show on TV. I would never have thought of putting this with the prompt - which shows why it is so interesting to read what others post!