Thursday, July 11, 2013

CD: Cease to Exist

Carpe Diem #243 ~ Tribulation

My husband's aunt, who helped raise him, died yesterday. We also learned this week his grandchild (in his early 20s) has terminal cancer. A very sad time.

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much tribulation
death of favorite aunt
grandchild with cancer 


my tribulations
when will they cease to exist ~
stop flowing in ink?


  1. What a tribulations Maggie. Such pain ... I can empathize with you. Be strong ... you're in my prayers.

  2. Sending your lots of reiki distance healing hugs for all concerned ~ Life is life ~ the good, bad and the ugly' ~ It all goes in cycles ~ 'this too shall pass'. Sometimes it does not make sense ~

  3. Sometimes I think that tribulationsw will never end...

    5 a.m. Tribulation

  4. Hope to send you strength and love in ink against your tribulations.

  5. "When" is a question that never seems to have an answer.

    Tribulation of an Old Woman

  6. Thank you, all. I don't feel the intensity that Brian's family is feeling but feel sad for him and just really at a loss as to how be a support in this time. Still learning how to be normal. Normal is difficult. No more excuses. What to say when I see them this weekend. Feel lost but want to be near them. I so appreciate your prayers and support.