Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HH: Tight Squeeze

Haiku Heights #265 ~ Squeeze

hearing the tortoise
turn sideways in her "cabin"
sound of shell on wood


  1. I can hear that...a nice imaginative haiku..I could have seen the picture in my mond had you not put it..



  2. Oh, amazing imagery!Love it!

  3. Just a noisy tortoise ;) returning home eh!! Turning turtle to be cozier!!;)

  4. a very different take on the prompt.:)

  5. Brilliant imagination Maggie!! Wonder how it feels carrying around it's home all around though the perk as you point out includes cozy rest anywhere, anytime :)

  6. Oh dear! That could prove very frustrating if the turtle can't flip back!! Unique take on the prompt!:)

    1. Wabi, she's right side up. She goes into the "log" cabin like a car in a garage which is wide enough and then pulls in her head and tail and turns sideways, squeaking as she goes. It's very funny. Probably clever if she were in the wild. No vulnerabilities. Except that both she and our male turtle sleep totally relaxed with their necks and legs all stretched out. Also, turtle can right itself if flipped. But Lucy can't. We keep a close eye on her cuz she likes to climb things inside and especially when she's outside. She knows we'll be along to turn her over. No fear of starving to death upside down for her. Chelonian lesson ;-O (meaning both tortoises & turtles)