Wednesday, July 30, 2014

dVerse: Does Death Have A Voice?

dVerse: Poetics DMT

Hand Me Downs, Polyvore by grace2244

no drugs necessary for self talk
when others exist within
tho drugs often desired
to battle the trauma 
that created my selves

my life this year has been 
life or death
a constant mind battle
craving a mind meld in favor of life
yet trying not to cut too deeply
to keep other me from
having her way

at first me vs. them
(the perpetrators within)
wishing & pursuing my death
now advanced to seemingly
one me...two minds
half life...half craving death

working to change the balance
in my favor
always wondering if she
will completely take over
and they will win...finally

day to day
i wonder if i will be alive
to see the next morning
more coping skills
exhausting & draining
withdrawn from what i knew
who am i becoming?
who will be speaking in my stead?
will there be another
or is this the end

my dream today is to live
til this weekend
to have dinner with friends
short term goals
wanting this era of my life
to be over
whatever that means