Monday, July 29, 2013

Wordle: Draught

Sunday Whirl
Wordle 119

crows revisited the vegetation
what had been rooted now eroded
scarce rain drained the last cells
of strength
next year new seeds will be planted
one cell will divide...and then another
nature will weave her magic
with her unending loom of mystery 


  1. nature has a way like endures, it finds ways to keep living, keep moving, surviving...

  2. Curiously few can see that we too are like the plants as we mature and procreate, hopefully bending with the wind and perpetuating life anew.

  3. And so it goes. We cycle onward like seasons of drought and plenty. Strong work.

  4. My gosh! You used the Wordle words sparsely and well. Nice job!

    An Acrostic Whirl

  5. Loved the second stanza, so meaningful!! Regeneration and growth and nature's important part in the scene is amazingly expressed!!