Sunday, July 28, 2013

CD: Jane Reichhold's "Winter Solstice"

Carpe Diem Special #49

Our challenge is to write a haiku inspired by one or both of the haiku penned by Jane Reichhold.

winter solstice
warmth of friends
return the sun

(c) Jane Reichhold

deep snow
the horse walks the paths
of summer

(c) Jane Reichhold

My inspired haiku:

chilled to the bone
adding wood to the fireplace
pipe dreams of summer


deep in the woods
walking through piles of leaves
scent of winter



  1. i like the first one a lot
    second seems more in tune with the equinox


  2. I'm having those self same pipe dreams as I write this by the fire :)

    Longest Night

  3. Love both these. I can smell the scent of winter. A memory of walks in an English woodland.

  4. The first fills me with a sense of futility and foreboding. Futility, because it seems that no matter how much wood is added to the fire, the one huddling in front of it will never get warm. Foreboding, because a prolonged chill is a harbinger of danger or death. (Gosh! I'm morose this morning, aren't I?)

    Piping in the Light

    1. We do tend to project our own feelings onto what we read. I was just trying to do warmth to summer. lol. But you have been in a place immersed in tragedy recently. You will get warm again.

  5. sensory rich, these poems are. Well done. I feel like I am there.

  6. You did well conjuring up winter. I wasn't able to at all! !

  7. Sometimes you just have to wait ;)

  8. In suburbia, it's hard to find piles of leaves to scuffle through, although I do remember doing so as a child in other places, other climes.

    1. I've never gone deep into woods to walk in leaves. Just in my mind. Seemed like a cool thing to do.