Tuesday, July 30, 2013


feeling like White Rabbit
one pill making me feel awful
cuz it won't let go of my brain
time to go off but pharma
knows how to keep me on

insurance stopped covering
one of my main sinus meds
so now must go on generic
which i tried before
and got a rash
but have to hope the rash
doesn't build on top of the
other rash i have but
haven't yet figured out
the source

dizzy and headaches
can't tell from sad pill
or chronically infected sinuses
my body is a temple
filled with toxins
because my nose doesn't work

do i have the pharmacy
turn my sad pills into a liquid
so i can wean off it more easily
and pay a fortune to do it
or just deal with it
and hope eventually i win

then a bill came today
not covering my one
neurofeedback session
and it has to be their fault
because they told me
what it would cost for
each session

coming off of antidepressants
and going on neurofeedback
to treat anxiety and depression
and effed up brain
but all of that is adding to
the stress in my life

vicious circle of life
revolving around brain cells
craving for pills
and my needing meds
whether i like it or not

one pill to make it stop
all of it
is that too much to ask?


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