Monday, July 8, 2013

CD: Whose Ambition?

Carpe Diem #242 ~ Ambition

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life's ambition
destiny defined by path
obstacles and turns


life as a puppet
whose ambition did i live?
no one can believe


letting go of truth
the ambition to tell all
must now be at peace

These prompt words are going deep into my psyche. Even when I want to not connect to past, it's where my mind takes me.


  1. the middle one is def important...we can waste a whole lot of life chasing others ambitions...

    1. Brian, you are so nice to read my posts. This one didn't even get linked yet to Carpe Diem so imagine you just visit my new posts which I appreciate very much. In my weird life, with my 44 yrs of amnesia, I have no idea what agenda I was really fulfilling...just a larger picture. No longer a "puppet", I have no strings to hold me down ;-O Wasted life...yes. Begin anew at in middle age. pffft.

  2. Versatile and honest haiku ~ great for contemplation ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

    Thanks for 'visiting' .

  3. a lovely rose
    yearning to bloom
    faces the sun

  4. Chase for your own ambitions Maggie ... I know what it is as others want you to be ambitious. Take your own path into the world. I like this post for ambition very well Maggie. I feel that I learn to understand your thoughts.

  5. Even when we are chasing our own ambitions we can be led astray on the path to get there with all good intentions. All we can do is correct our course and go again. I like this grouping.

  6. Thanks for sharing...
    a wonderful post.

  7. That second one is so very true for so many, you are far from alone in that my friend. It's so easy to get wrapped up in other people's truths, beliefs and ambitions.

    Taking A Bow

  8. I can see that your writing is therapeutic. Keep at the healing process!


  9. i can definitely relate to he first two

    another point about comments is that is part of how we get to know each other better


  10. I liked the words and ideas you've shared....unique take

  11. A lot of great thoughts went into this one.. and yes the middle one is excellent as an antithesis of ambition.