Thursday, April 24, 2014

dVerse: On the Verge

dVerse: Poetic Journalism

Apple's Solar Farm

windmills in france
atop the hills
me not understanding
our country's will

apple has made the move
to reduce carbon footprint
acres of solar panels
so easy to implement

could this be the start
of the large firms
to change the destiny
of world on the verge

Thursday, April 17, 2014

dVerse: Topiary

dVerse: Self Portrait

Topiary ~ Collage Art by grace2244

this was me a few years ago
when i was healing
now it's me again
falling apart
trying not to
trying to find strength
when parts want to die
 my circle of life

i know i'm feminine
and love pink
but my head is still a blur
and i'm entwined in
all the evil of my past
me trying to turn weeds
into beautiful thriving flowers

i cut the pink dress
to put into this conglomeration
that's how i knew it was me

wanting to grow out of the past
wanting to embrace the future
wondering how i will do that
when unseen vines
keep pulling me down


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CD: Companionship

Carpe Diem ~ Companionship

Photo by Brian Beam

companionship ~
missing the journey
of my haiku friends


puppy on my lap
her priceless companionship
brings me such joy

dVerse: Totems

dVerse: Poetics ~ Animal Symbolism

Image Source

what is your totem animal?
i used to think such things gimmicky
until i came to understand
the presence of certain animals
birds, dragonflies, fish
to have meaning
in the overall scheme of things
called synchronicity

in Sedona, i saw hummingbirds
for the first time ever
my first morning
out the window while having
a healing massage
later in the day
a hummingbird crossed my path
while hiking on the mountain trail
after a chakra cleanse
back at the hotel
google: hummingbirds

ravens were a totem 
throughout my healing
sometimes bluejays and cardinals
crossed my path several times
in close proximity
my compass in life 
is sometimes marked
by nature's signs

i have learned to heed
the universe
and all it offers
to lead us out of our darkness
and into the healing light
of living