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Blind Obedience (to date)

Segment One

The Games Begin

Elias knew he wanted to kill from an early age. Even when his parents saw they could no longer have pets, he found animals to torture in secret. It was with great pleasure he signed the contract that turned his life over to the military. Extraordinary timing. The war had ended not long before and the CIA just came into its own after having been the Office of Strategic Services. British MI-6 officers had aided in the transition. The year was 1947.

Psychiatrists had devised a questionnaire (unbeknown to Elias) to target sociopaths with a predisposition to pedophilia. He had passed with flying colors and, even though he was not a college graduate, somehow he had been drafted into officer training school under the auspices of the new CIA for a secret program. He got his license to kill just prior to his first assignment, Korea, before his 20th birthday.

Part of his cover would be a wife, especially since children were to be the basis of the program for which he would owe allegiance. Elias had the task of finding a bride who was already prone to dissociation or highly hypnotizable. He chose a girl from his high school class and married after his training. He would not reunite with her until after his first tour of duty for a year in Korea instructing Korean soldiers how to torture and kill. How he thrived on torture. His wife joined him at his next assignment in Japan. He became involved in Japanese political affairs where it was to US advantage for one side to win. Japan was also where his first child was born. He had complied by conditioning his wife to obey orders and sometimes hypnotize her to forget things she had seen or heard. That was crucial to his life in the underworld as a spy sanctioned by the secret level of the government. To his wife, time would just fly by when her baby daughter was taken for nefarious purposes. Her mind simply closed the time gaps. To her, he was in the Army. Period.

In the beginning of the Cold War, US military was highly interested in mind control, especially having soldiers follow orders without question or memory. And so the behavioral engineering experiments began, and not just on the soldiers. The program known as MK-ULTRA was underway.

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Segment Two 

The Program

In the Cold War, no one questioned what the US government was doing to keep us safe from the always heightened fear of Soviet nuclear proliferation. Under the umbrella MK-Ultra, the ultimate in harm was done to college students, prison inmates, our own soldiers, and beyond in the name of finding the “right” resources to use against our enemies. LSD used on unsuspecting people was introduced by the CIA underground to observe its ability to produce mental malleable individuals to no avail. 

Psychiatrists in nearly every major university in the country was lured into the program (which went completely against the Hippocratic Oath) to administer various drugs and try unethical hypnosis to see how far a person could be made to go beyond the bounds of that individual’s ethics. It was proven that hypnosis could reach a level causing a person to commit acts without memory of doing so.

While MK-Ultra had just under 150 subprojects, other projects and programs of an even deeper level existed. The intent was to begin with a newborn or young child whose mind was still capable of fragmenting as a coping mechanism which usually only happened before a child was six years old. To create this effect, a child had to be consistently subjected to physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse to include the extremes of witnessing harm to others and torture including sensory deprivation and drugs to quell resistance. The “formula” for beginning with a newborn was not completely in place until after the birth of Elias’ first child. He did his part to instill the fear and maintain the prescribed methods of abuse at the time, all designed not to be evident to the spouse.

When his first child was only two years old, the family transferred from Japan to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The Proving Grounds and its neighbor Edgewood Arsenal were the places of some of the CIA and Army Psychological Warfare Division's deepest secrets. It was here Elias met his personal trainers, hand selected Nazis under Operation Paperclip, another secret government program which ushered Nazis criminals into the US for their knowledge of rocket science, mind control, and other specialties post WWII.

The entirety of the mind control program was under the direct supervision of Jack Leber, head of the CIA’s Technical Services Division. The notorious Nazis, whose whereabouts were kept well guarded and/or covered with revisionist history and propaganda, were under Leber’s direction to train the “special” sociopathic officers recruited into the program. Everything was laid out with precision. If the children of the program lived to be adults fulfilling their carefully engineered purpose somehow remembered and told the truth, they would never be believed.  

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Segment 3 




Elias was in awe meeting the most reviled Nazi of all time, Josef Mengele with his narcissistic confidence and black boots remembered by many long after the concentration camps; Reinhard Gehlen, who was allied by the CIA for his many contacts with the Soviet Union and his knowledge of what was needed to stay ahead of Soviet advancements in mind control; and Jose Delgado, a man with no loyalties but whose knowledge of brain stimulation and manipulating both animals and children to perform as puppets rather than entities with their mind. All were integral to training those whose children would become the first babies born into the program.

Training for Elias’ role for his own child began before its conception. He had no problem signing the documents, although he hated the clause stating his own flesh and blood child would be swapped at birth with a child genetically engineered for the program. He winced at knowing he might have a son he would never know. To ensure his loyalty to Firefly (the highly secretive program of targeting genetically engineered newborns), the CIA made it known they had proof of Elias’ history as a pedophile
knowledge that would ruin his life and career. His job in the larger scheme of the program was to teach the art of torture to create multiple personalities in the young minds, beginning pre-birth.  

Aberdeen Proving Grounds was a common layover point for Nazis entering the US under Operation Paperclip before being given a permanent assignment. Elias trained in 1951 and was prepared for his newborn in late 1952. He was also able to incorporate the new techniques that did not apply to newborns to his now nearly three-year-old child.

The genetically engineered baby was the egg of the biological mother and the sperm of a highly secretive royalty sperm bank. It was long held in the occult that certain bloodlines were meant to be preserved and children hidden from the royal donors would ensure the succession. In fact many donors were also raised in the occult creating childhood multiplicity and became unwitting sperm donors as teens fathering numerous unknown children. The Nazis were forced to worship Satan and participate in the rituals. That knowledge became part and parcel of Firefly. The same people responsible for creating the sophisticated personality structure of each child were also the people at the terrifying ceremonies where the ultimate traumas were perpetrated on the children.

It had been identified before the program that messages a child or adult heard at the height of terror were retained far more quickly than any other method. It was the means to an end but also the fulfillment of an insatiable desire by pedophiles and sociopaths who cared more about their country’s goals and personal perversions than their own children’s welfare.

As for the biological mother, all unwitting wives would never have memory of the medical procedure to extract the eggs.

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Segment 4

The Bloodlines

While anyone looking at the country’s Cold War would see the US versus the Soviet Union, far beneath, in the layer of Firefly, existed a drastically different agenda. The Federal Reserve, which began in the 1920s, and the World Bank which began in 1944, held the foresight of the wealthiest of the wealthy (tying back to royal bloodlines) dominating the world, known in whispered circles as The New World Order. Part of that Orwellian state included not only mind control of their subjects but cooperation of the world’s wealthiest including the upper class in the Soviet Union. At that deep hidden level, for many decades, the worldwide elite manipulated public perception of their activities while steadily moving forward. Priority one was to save themselves from their own man made evil, which was part and parcel of the greater doctrine.

Both Russia and the US had secret plans to send an entourage to space to colonize the moon in the event of imminent nuclear annihilation. Wernher von Braun, an Operation Paperclip Nazi, was first placed with the US Army working on missiles and worked his way up to director of NASA. All puzzle pieces were fitting nicely into placemainstreamed criminal Nazi’s fully embraced by the US thanks to propaganda.

Elias seethed at knowing he was training others to create the genetically engineered offspring to be the new mind controlled generation who would colonize space with a select few leaders and scientists. His “daughter”, one of the “chosen”, would potentially survive a nuclear holocaust while he perished. It made him hate her even more. He did his job well of maintaining her fear and terrorizing her subconsciously to keep her personalities in tact. He despised that he had to be mindful of never allowing his thin veneer of restraint to crack. His assigned asset was crucial to the program and ending her life would end his career and possibly his life as well.

Written for Trifecta's Week Eighty-Six.

Segment 5

Hidden Assets


Polyvore by grace2244


Each personality created for a child had been trained for a specific job either for the cult scenarios, or highly specialized knowledge to be a young astronaut, assassin, courier and numerous other government-designated purposes. Elias was not one of the respected neuroscientists who knew the brain and how to program the various entities of a young mind. Jack Leber had carefully laid out the personality matrices for different undercover purposes.

Because Emma, his royalty-hidden “daughter”, was to be a much needed part of that world, Elias greatly resented her higher purpose and the fact that he was relegated to a necessary but not well regarded member of the secret operatives. His skills in torture were prized and chronicled as part of the darkest secret—the manual used worldwide to create the next generation of blindly obedient children into adulthood who could be used on cue for any activity for which they were trained with no memory of having done so. Yet his covert task did not allow him to band with the others in terms of importance.

Even at a young age, the children had purposes that far exceeded their original purpose. One could make a young child swallow gems and call out a loving part who believed the abuser to be a father figure and easily transport the cache to another state or country. Drugs could be hidden in children’s toys with no one thinking twice. The child returning home had no memory of the event and the spouse and siblings would have all been trained to forget any missing time. All seemed normal to each other within the family system, except that it was a complete fabrication.

Written for Trifecta Week Eighty Eight.

Segment 6 

Womb To Let 


Polyvore by Grace2244

The training manual to raise a generation of “designer operatives” complete, Elias impregnated his wife. As soon as it was known she was pregnant, the fertilized egg that would be his child was inseminated into the surrogate. The underground had its own supply of “slaves”: children, teens, adults who were not missed by society. They were gathered from orphanages in places of war or where an agreement was made for financial gain, from prisons, the terminally ill, street children, the homeless, those born into cults whose births were never registered.
The healthy women were kept to be bred and used as surrogates. They were property of the governments who held them. The ones not suitable for other purposes were used to traumatize those who were multiple or becoming multiple.

Witnessing the horrific torture and deaths of such people became seared into the young minds. At the moment of peak terror, the programming messages and signals for the purpose of the particular personality called out for the trauma would begin. Trauma, ritual abuse, and scientific precision along with training went hand in hand. One did not work without the other. Horrific trauma was essential to a well engineered multiple.

While other mind control programs were proving fruitless, nothing was weak about the plan to develop the children of Firefly to be unwitting and perfectly mind controlled adults.

Written for Trifecta: Week Eighty Nine


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  1. Do you find that writing triggers you?

    I do. I have to take it slowly. I've written over a million words in novelettes and novels since 2011 after my mother died in 2010.

    Her death caused a second round of memories to come through about a bio father I never knew I had. It turns out he was the one who introduced me to the tortures of MK-ULTRA and MC and he was/is a serial killer.