Monday, July 15, 2013

Wordle: Diagnosis

The Sunday Whirl
Wordle 117

the lab detected cancer
it had to be a mistake
he is young and deserves
a second chance
how could he be so sick
after clearing his conscience
on a high note of life
friends and family together
try to translate the meaning
the impact to his life
to theirs
to his love
and baby girl
they will not rest
search for hope
another opinion
and pray
he will not leave


  1. ugh...cancer has touched the life of my family greatly...i hope for them...we really need to find a cure for cancer...

    1. It's the first time it's been this close to me. In the world I come from, there is already a cure but it's like war. More money is made by not having a cure. I can't prove what I just said. But I believe it with all my heart.

  2. Hope, fight, encourage every treatment option, do your own research and suggest possible solutions to the specialists. Be willing to go on trial drugs and most of all attempt to be positive about the outcome and ensure the best quality of life possible for the patient. My wife contracted Multiple Myeloma (a white blood cell problem) in 1998 and despite the difficult treatment including stem cell transplants enjoyed a full loving life with her family for over twelve years when the prognosis initially was for only 2 or 3.

    1. Thank you, Old Egg. His mother is doing all of the above. I'm so sorry for the loss of your wife and grateful you shared her bravery in trying every option which did extend her life in a fulfilling way.

  3. Yes just two months ago the lab detected it in my family too!! Then it is exactly as you have expressed here!! Hope, another opinion, prayers and new technology for treatment and cure!! :( This is just so timely!!

    1. It's just so stunning to hear about someone you know and/or love, isn't it? It's always sad but, when it gets close, it's very different reaction.

  4. What a heart wrenching poem. Sadly this is a scary diagnosis that people face everyday. What a touching and profound poem.