Tuesday, July 30, 2013

dVerse: Tapping Into The Muse

dVerse: OpenLink Night 107
Writer's Block

waiting for the flow
wondering if any gelato is left
what's that sound outside?
*flash of a word in my mind*
focus on word
metaphorically tap tap tap
of invisible pen
even tho haven't used one 
in years
play a game on puter
take mind off writing
brain will work on it
and spit it out when ready 
cuz if it doesn't flow
it doesn't work
my poet...writer
is a muse who lives within
she has to be ready
*flash of a few words*
repeat repeat
it's time
type the words 
circling in my head
suddenly the rest comes
as I write it just flows
like a dam breaking
thoughts I didn't know I had


  1. smiles...i like the idea of misdirection...playing a game...or going for a walk...if i get really pressed i often have to live a bit more...go out and let life inspire me a bit...and doesnt it feel so good when it just flows....

    1. Yes, it does! I rarely have times when it doesn't so it's more of a frustration when it just isn't there. You are always first to visit me. How do you do that? And thank you!

    2. i follow you so it comes up on my dashboard before you get it in the linky...smiles.

  2. Yes, I can identify, Maggie. When I write, sometimes I write thoughts I didn't know I had too. That is the glory of poetry, I think. One more reason to write --- to find out exactly what we believe.

  3. To tell you the truth, right now I wish that would happen to me.Good write.>KB

  4. I can totally relate! Great write.

  5. So true... those unknown thoughts can't be released if we don't just write through writer's block.

  6. i am so glad, so many of you are saying this, because it is happening to me a lot lately, words just arriving, in bunches, from nowhere..oh, the wonder and mystery of poetry....

    thank you for such a wonderful poem, that sparked so many validating comments.

    1. I'm so glad it is validating! Means you are in touch with your subconscious while writing. A very good thing :) Thank you for visiting, reading, and sharing!

  7. when the words just seem to appear before your eyes, it is such a wonderful feeling... you type.. you write.. the entire world disappears just then.

    1. Yes, HA. The call that being in the zone or "flow" :)

  8. There's a self revealing aspect to poetry, or perhaps it's just that we tap into the collective consciousness of all, and things spill out that we didn't know were there. I wish it would happen to me more often. Rarely do poetic thoughts just spill out for me. But glad they do for you.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Myrna. I think this happens for creative writing too. Not just poetry...which is very cool when it happens.

  9. flash of a few words and then the dam breaks..i like that...it's like i write many of my poems as well...the words come once i start somewhere - and sometimes just in the middle of a poem and have yet to find start and close...smiles...

  10. And that is exactly how thought happens-- I used to do writing exercies where you just write what's in your head for 20 minutes. The most amazing ideas came from these sessions! Peace, Jason

  11. The elusive muse... My psychotherapist told me my wife was my muse; I had to look it up on Google; she was amused...hehe..Love ya friend.