Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wordle: The Nineteen

The Sunday Whirl
Wordle #116

where there's smoke, there's fire
what happens when the ordinary
take on the impossible
risking their lives
to save others

make the climb, take the plunge
the scared flee their homes
clinging to words of the play-by-play
of the media

pressure builds as fire nears
no orders to flee
the ordinary become extraordinary
through actions and deeds
fate is not kind
the might of flame and wind
extinguish lives

listen to the voices in the wind
they are one with the fire
one with the elements
and delivered to heaven
our prayers barraging them
the nineteen 

Although the poem is focused on the heroic nineteen firefighters, prayers go out to all impacted by the destruction of the blaze in Arizona.


  1. pings my heart, my grandfather was a fireman...and i will always remember the honor they gave him in his passing...and to our family

  2. My grandfather was a fireman, too. Chief of a small town station on the iron range in Minnesota. My daughter's dad was on a Hot Shot crew for awhile. You've captured a tragedy, Maggie. It tugs at our nation's heart. Beautiful tribute.

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I've never known anyone who was a firefighter. I can't imagine to choose that life. All heroes to me.

  3. Thank you for writing this beautiful tribute for those who were lost and for their families. It hurts the heart to think about that loss, but you express it well.


  4. Curiously many bushfires (wildfires) in Australia are deliberately lit. Knowing there are enemies hidden at your back makes fire fighting that much more commendable.

  5. We have fires here due to short circuit and a/c's exploding!! Then it is for these brave men to work selflessly and set it right!! People really do no pay heed to the safety precautions!!

  6. This is a beautiful tribute.

  7. thank you for your touching offering. i have been away from the computer this week deeply effected by the loss of our town and these beautiful courageous young men.

  8. Maggie, your sentiment and tribute both touch and sting and heal. Thank you for this!