Saturday, July 13, 2013

Toads: Journey to Joy

Imaginary Garden With Read Toads
Mini-Challenge: Live A Little

i live to haiku
even though this isn't one
it's an ongoing journey
i take with several companions
my mini-version of The Way
getting from here to there
wanting to feel the exhilaration

the way i felt in europe
the two times i went with hubby
first to italy
then last year's honeymoon
in provence
feeling free and joyful
like i'm alive
not just existing

then i come home
and am a blob again
so that's why the haiku
my mind-stimulating journey
of perfecting the small
because my brain
can't handle big concepts
any longer

although maybe after
my brain will be different
and i will actually be able 
to remember
when a series returns to tv
that i recall the previous one
or i can remember plots
and characters of a book
if i put it down for two days

my mind short circuited
i live for small challenges
tho i seem to be carried away
with this look at my life
where will i travel next?
that's what will really
keep me going


  1. Maggie, I get that: living for the distilled, the small moments because you can breathe, be present to it all. Like knowing more about you.

    1. Thanks, La Tonya. Not a pretty bio so I take what I can get. Not sure you really want to know but bless you for saying so ♥ I don't know why I don't feel that way at home. Well, I do a little. I did have that awesome "aliveness" when I had my "vision quest" in Sedona in May. Wish I could go back.

  2. Ah, you got me, writing ABOUT haiku. You wicked girl. But if that's your passion, then that's the perfect subject! Thanks so much for being part of the mini challenge.

    1. It's true...wasn't just being wicked to tease really is one of my few passions :)

  3. An interesting perspective--it's all a journey, but so often only the high spots stand out. For me,forgetting is constant but usually temporary or if not, maybe there's a good reason--at least sometimes. Perfecting anything is quite a burden, though. Enjoyed this.

  4. Bending the rules, love it and the poem too. I've also experimented with tagging haiku onto other forms of poetry, wonder if you could have gotten away with that.

  5. Must confess I don't live to haiku ... I do enjoy it thoroughly! (and often) :-)

  6. I love the haiku form, its what I was doing all of last year ~ But I wanted to try other forms, so my journey is now in a different direction ~ I so want to travel to Europe, its on my bucket list for some time ~ Have a good weekend ~

  7. I ♥ to haiku, too, Maggie! Brevity is a beautiful practice...haiku really makes one choose words wisely...just what are we trying to convey...

    I love this poem about it...makes SO much sense. Thank you for writing this!!

    1. You're welcome :) So appreciate your visit and reading it!

  8. "I live for small challenges" is perfect — for a haiku poet like you, or for a senior citizen like me. Big challenges are so overwhelming.
    But I know what you mean about being alive when you travel. We're just back from a driving trip (with the dog) to my home province (British Columbia) and I kept thanking my husband for it. "It makes my heart happy" I told him, more than once, and I'm sure I never said that about our distant travels.
    Your poem is wonderful.

  9. I agree I do love haiku also but I've drifted away.

  10. Thank you all for stopping by. Was gone all day and am sort of doing some catch up. Am glad some of you related to different aspects of what I wrote. Sam, I have missed your edgy writing. Maybe you will come back to it. I am behind but am slowly catching up to past challenges making visits. Please bear with me.

  11. Some times I must write a Reader's Digest version of things for me to see the beauty contained in a few words. I always love reading your haiku.

    1. Thanks, Susie! I used to be quite verbose. It's really a challenge to make it so concise. Am sure husband wishes I spoke in haiku ;-O

  12. This is lovely. Small steps. Single moments. Being present. Haiku captures that in a few lines, and can have a profound meaning. Enjoy your journey :)