Sunday, July 7, 2013

CD: No Country For Lost Souls

Carpe Diem #241 ~ Sacrifice

This prompt is painful for me and the result is sarcastic haiku. I hope it still works. Not meant to undermine anyone's service to their country with free will...knowing consent.

sacrifice your life
protect and serve your country
honors come posthumously 


some sacrifices
not made of our will freely
for "god" and country


  1. I get what you are saying, and you are brave for sharing. I respect the people who fight for us, but it causes so much pain for so many reasons. We all just don't talk about that very much.

  2. Anyone who is called to make the ultimate sacrifice should do it of their own free will! Conscription, though occasionally necessary, can be painful!Sacrifice

  3. Thank you for sharing...I had to think on your words and I admire your straightforward approach. Yes. Seldom mentioned. Dear to many hearts.
    Thank you.

  4. The draft still existed when I was in high school during the Vietnam War. I guess I know too much about our government and wars to know what really goes on...why wars are very high human cost. Of course our soldiers believe they are protecting our country. That kind of patriotism is to be respected and admired. I use to feel that way once when I served in the Air Force.

  5. It's essential to protect the, I mean...protect the country!

    1. Yes, oil and wealth. The war machine ticks on.

  6. MG, I believe you needn't apologize for writing what you feel and support, particularly when you write strongly. ~ M

  7. I'm never sure who to respect more..those that make a choice to risk their lives, or those that had no choice. In either case, the loss of life is saddening. Well said Grace :)

  8. As an old anti-war protester, I say Amen to what you wrote.

    Sacrificial Fire

  9. Very brave writing.. Good job!

  10. I had problems with this word to, it's a word that has more negative feelings than positive for me. Your sentiment is fully shared.

  11. Thank you to all for supportive comments. I do tend to not color my truth. I'm can't say I'm glad the view shared but it shows how mixed up things are, IMO. Your time and visits much appreciated.

  12. Sorry that this prompt is that difficult to write a haiku about, but your attempt to do write a haiku on sacrifice is very well done Maggie.

  13. Completely agree. Having Vietnam televised every night during dinner, I feel exactly the same.