Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Merge: Blind Obedience (2)

At The Merge: Week 28

We were provided two prompts for this week's writing of up to 500 words. I chose this image because it reflected mind control or a broken person to me.

You can read the first segment of this story here:

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In the Cold War, no one questioned what the US government was doing to keep us safe from the always heightened fear of Soviet nuclear proliferation. Under the umbrella MK-Ultra, the ultimate in harm was done to college students, prison inmates, our own soldiers, and beyond in the name of finding the “right” resources to use against our enemies. LSD used on unsuspecting people was introduced by the CIA underground to observe its ability to produce mental malleable individuals to no avail. Psychiatrists in nearly every major university in the country was lured into the program (which went completely against the Hippocratic Oath) to administer various drugs and try unethical hypnosis to see how far a person could be made to go beyond the bounds of that individual’s ethics. It was proven that hypnosis could reach a level causing a person to commit acts without memory of doing so.

While MK-Ultra had just under 150 subprojects, other projects and programs of an even deeper level existed. The intent was to begin with a newborn or young child whose mind was still capable of fragmenting as a coping mechanism which usually only happened before a child was six years old. To create this effect, a child had to be consistently subjected to physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse to include the extremes of witnessing harm to others and torture including sensory deprivation and drugs to quell resistance. The “formula” for beginning with a newborn was not completely in place until after the birth of Elias’ first child. He did his part to instill the fear and maintain the prescribed methods of abuse at the time, all designed not to be evident to the spouse.

When his first child was only two years old, the family transferred from Japan to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The Proving Grounds and its neighbor Edgewood Arsenal were the places of some of the CIA and Army Psychological Warfare Division's deepest secrets. It was here Elias met his personal trainers, hand selected Nazis under Project Paperclip, another secret government program which ushered Nazis criminals into the US for their knowledge of rocket science, mind control, and other specialties post WWII.

The entirety of the mind control program was under the direct supervision of Jack Leber, head of the CIA’s Technical Services Division. The notorious Nazis, whose whereabouts were kept well guarded and/or covered with revisionist history and propaganda, were under Leber’s direction to train the “special” sociopathic officers recruited into the program. Everything was laid out with precision. If the children of the program lived to be adults fulfilling their carefully engineered purpose somehow remembered and told the truth, they would never be believed.
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  1. Downright chilling! I got goosebumps imagining the possibilities.

  2. Thanks so much for reading and your reaction! I plan to start reading the entries tomorrow. Glad it's chilling. I don't know why it wasn't when the program became publicly known in 1972. *sigh*

  3. Love the name Operation Paperclip. Sounds so harmless.

    Nice set up. I foresee a blockbuster in the making. Well done!

    1. Yes, can't make that up. I would have used a much more sinister name. Thank you, Shelton!

  4. Oh, my. I got queasy reading this.