Saturday, July 20, 2013

Toads: Teddy Bear In Love

Imaginary Garden for Real Toads
Sunday Mini-Challenge

The challenge is to write love poetry/prose from one inanimate object to another.

Photo by Grace Beam

teddy admired lola from afar...
from the other side of the room
he with his well groomed fur
and glass eyes
she with perky white fur
and pink sweater

lola eyed him peeking
out from beneath the doll cradle
moving only when 
the humming cleaning lady 
dusted him off
she could see how he strained 
to see her

teddy wanted to meet the sweet canine
whose job was to hide the cords 
to an assortment of gadgets 
behind the television stand
he wished he had a job to impress her

helpless to do more
he spoke to her as only stuffed animals can
and silently wrote love letters in his mind 
hoping she would know they were for her

my dearest lola,
you are my only love
your pink sweater calls my name
i want so to run my paw through
your beautiful white tufts
if only we could be together
i sense you too have been loving me
from over there

perhaps one day
and we can only hope
we will be chosen to be
in the prized moses basket
where the others are united

i love you with all my heart
i bear my soul to you
will you be mine and mine alone
in this staid world of ours
it would bring me such joy

love to you,
the bear under the crib


  1. This is so charming, Maggie!
    This line caught my eye, for its very humanness:

    and silently wrote love letters in his mind...

    It makes me wonder how many such sentiments have been lost, and how lives might have changed if they had been spoken.

  2. This is so fun, Maggie! My mother had a little stuffed scotty dog on her dresser its fur was made from real rabbit's fur...he had glass eyes...always looked as if he had something to say. :)

  3. so sweet! Hope they make it to the moses basket!

  4. That is so sweet, I can see them at night, cuddling when everyone else is in bed.

  5. Hope they will have their tete-a-tete moments :)

  6. This is adorable! I am rooting for them!!

  7. This is delightful Maggie. "I bear my soul to you" might look like a pun, but we know in this case it is true love. I'm on their side.

  8. Kay got it, awwww. "I bear my soul to you."

  9. I love it Maggie! It reminds me of a book I read as a child, where the toys came to life. I so hope Lola and Teddy have many cherished memories ;D

    1. Would that be The Velveteen Rabbit, my favorite story even as an adult? ♥

  10. Thanks to all for sharing your lovely thoughts on my teddy bear love poem. You made me smile! Such a fun prompt, I enjoyed reading everyone's writing.