Friday, May 31, 2013

HH: Stonehenge Awe

Haiku Heights  #252 (Stone)

Photo Source

ancient stone knows stars
architectural wonder
or other worldly

stones defy history
too heavy for human hands
mystery of earth

CD: Mijikayo (Short Night)

Carpe Diem #210

Photo Source

sunlight stays longer
just for this first summer night
pink hues of sunset

Photo Source

short night of summer
tortoise lingers in shadows
earth still feels so warm

Flash: Double Vision

Flash! Friday #26

Write a 350-500 -word story (minimum 350, max 500) based on the photo prompt.

Abandoned boy. Photo courtesy of Toni Frissell.

Brooke had a blessed life. Born into a family of means in England, living in an estate on the outskirts of London, she wanted for nothing. At 18, she was wise beyond her years, likely from her proper upbringing, although she was full of joy and embraced life within the bounds of decorum. 

Having been shielded from her family’s history which, of course, included war torn London, she feared asking questions. One day, while alone with only the staff who kept themselves invisible, she wandered into the library where she often browsed the classics for something new to read. A frayed scrapbook on an upper shelf caught her eye, something she’d not noticed before. Carefully she slid the wheeled ladder to where she could climb to retrieve it, making sure not to step on her hem or otherwise snag her handmade garment.  

The scrapbook was heavier than imagined but she managed to balance it in one hand to plop it on the top of the ladder and move it down with every few steps until she was back on solid ground. She curled up in the chair by the sunlit window overlooking the rose gardens fingering the worn plain leather cover in wonderment before opening it. 

She recognized her parents in their youth but most images were of strangers even though likely relatives since they appeared in the album. Yellowed newspaper articles of the war were tucked between pages along with some handwritten notes. Mostly Brooke was interested in the photos.

Within the pages of the scrapbook she found a photograph of a family. The note on the back of the photo indicated her father’s parents had taken them into their home for sanctuary during the war…a Jewish family. Why wouldn’t her father want her to know of her heroic ancestry? The next page stunned her. The odd stuffed animal she had been given as a child was being hugged by a young boy in what appeared to be a war ravaged place. The note on the back:  1945, London. Below was written 1935 – 1950. Polio. Brooke could see that the boy resembled her father from her father’s childhood photos. 

Continuing through the scrapbook she found a photo of the two of them together. They had been twins. Bobby and Brooks. Her father only ever was called Robert during her lifetime. She sighed and felt so sad for her father, but also realized her name went from being ordinary in her eyes to one of honor. 

After returning the album to its “hiding place” and moving the ladder back to its original spot, Brooke went to her room and curled up with her very worn but favorite stuffed animal waiting for her parents to return.

Words: 444 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

CD: Follow the Path

Carpe Diem #209 (Future)

Photo Source

follow wisdom's path
find the future meant to be
faith in spirit guides

plan for the future
without knowledge of next day
the universe knows

Toads: Safe Place

Words Count With Mama Zen

Describe your safe place using 53 words or less. Mine is 52 words. Having been a therapist and in therapy, I immediately associated safe place with internal safe place. So that is what I wrote about.

Photo Source

My internal safe place is on the balcony of a mansion with overhanging gardens along Lake Como, Italy. The balcony is filled with gardens and statuary. I rock lazily in my hammock in the sun listening to the lapping waves below from the wake of boats and staring at the bluest sky.

Ancient Art

Nahaiwrimo (Art)

Photo Source

ancient art of time 
eons within earth's canvas 
god's exhibition

FSF: Crashing Down

Five Sentence Fiction: Desolate

Polyvore by grace2244

Happy in her amnesia, not knowing the reality of her life, was not a choice made willingly. When the walls of amnesia began to crumble, the overwhelming memories, flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, and knowledge of her fragmented mind threw her into such a desolate state. Death must certainly be a better place than the living hell that so swiftly changed her life sending her spiraling into an unfathomable depression.

From a happy marriage and successful career to constant panic and search for the truth along with a need for intense therapy and support. Who knew her 18 year marriage would disintegrate when she most needed his love and understanding.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HMH: Mary's Chapel

Haiku My Heart

Photo by Grace Beam

sitting in chapel
feeling Mary's presence near
hearing bells above

Photo by Grace Beam

outside the chapel
Saint Francis stands guard
Mary smiles with joy

SHW: Sands of Time

Sensational Haiku Wednesday (Shift)

Photo Source

 sand shifts beneath feet
fine crystallized energy
sparkles in the light 

Photo Source
cosmic shift in world
wave of change across the globe
people seeking peace


Unknown Knowing

Carpe Diem #208 (Divination)

Image Source

divine foretells path
past, present, future unknown 
time on single plane 

prophets do not know
universe keeps its secrets
timeless messages


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HH: Feeling the Change

Haiku Heights (Change)

Photo Source

sometimes change not seen
shift in mind affects thinking
surprise self with thoughts

fear makes room for peace
unfamiliar change welcome
new feeling is good

Kyoshi Takahama's 'Shutting My Eyes'

Carpe Diem Special #39

while shutting my eyes
finally see the peaceful me
always meant to be

return to the sun
healing in sacred canyon
while shutting my eyes 

Safe Harbor

Picture It And Write

Reprinted from ermiliablog – Image by Jeffrey Smith

Long ago it guided ships to safe harbor
its bright beacon snuffed out by time
never to be replaced for legends endured
the stories of how darkness befell
of those who never returned
who had hoped to restore its glory
and now on stormy nights
some have seen a flicker and a figure
ghostly by momentary light
as intended by the blind man who resides within

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Universe

Carpe Diem #207 (World or Universe)

I chose to create haiku around Jung's view of universal consciousness or the universal subconscious.

Image Source

find enlightenment
thoughts enter unseen cosmos
our stardust mingles

we are all one thread
universe weaves thoughts and minds
single consciousness

Trifecta: Close Encounters (5)

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Nine

Write 33 to 333 words using the following definition of the word APPEAR: to have an outward aspect : seem .

Photo Source
The sound of rollerbladers laughing and whizzing by jolted Libby from her internal close encounter with a man…a hallucination…a spirit guide…claiming to be her inner wisdom. She jogged staring into the deep pink sunset until she reached her door. Safely at home, she could meander into her mind without interruption. “He” seemed to feel there was some urgency to her discovering him. The language swirling in her mind for what had happened felt odd and familiar at the same time. That weekly group she had joined for understanding intuition back in Maryland had used language she really couldn’t relate to until now. Did everyone have a tuxedo-ed man inside their head?

Libby called her instructor from that group hoping for some answers. Elise felt assured everyone had an inner wisdom but not all chose to find theirs. Each person experienced their inner wisdom differently. Sometimes they might appear as human but others had objects present such as trees or angels or whatever the mind revealed to them. Perhaps not everyone would respond well to the presence of another person inside. At least Libby felt not so crazy after hanging up.

Before falling asleep that night, Libby allowed herself to climb the hill again where she saw the bench covered in cherry blossoms. “His” voice suggested she be seated which she did, noticing the tall flowers around her and the pretty sky. As she took in the view she began to feel the bench rise. The reassuring voice inside told her to remain calm and just watch. When the bench stopped in mid-air, she was asked what she saw. Libby described the distant hills she could now see as well as the village below. It was all such a peaceful setting.

“What does it mean?” Libby asked.

“It means, you now have the ability to see from a new perspective,” he said wisely.

Words: 312

 (The entire story of Libby to date can be found here.)


The Merge: Le Cirque (3)

Write At The Merge: Week 22

Write up to 500 words using the lyrics to the song Gold On The Ceiling sung by The Black Keys as inspiration.

Photo Source

Phoebe sauntered past the entrance to Le Cirque to the bench further down the block knowing Nate would be wondering if she would show up for dinner. But she had to think things through carefully before she committed to sitting down with him, face to face, having a conversation that would surely lead to the reasons behind their break up two years earlier. 

Taking a deep breath, she let her mind wander back in time to their last conversation. Nate was confident and career-focused and living his dream. Had she always felt so insecure? Maybe it was a matter of trust. She trusted Nate but not herself to make the right decisions. Obviously she still had trust issues because of her wake of failed relationships. Nate was perfect. He still cared for her. She sensed that in his eyes and in his words. Mostly she hid from the world by delving into her own career. So little time for therapy, or at least she made it so. Did she really want to dig into why she avoided returning another’s love? 

“I thought that was you racing past the windows outside. Always on the run…still?” 

Phoebe looked up sheepishly. “Hello,” she whispered. 

He offered her his hand and she accepted. Together they entered the restaurant and sat at their table that was next to the window. She sighed at her failure to ask the cab to drop her off beyond the entrance. 

“You look well…happy,” she said as cheerfully as she could. 

“I am,” he said. “The investment world has been good to me.” 

“Obviously,” she remarked. “I can’t tell you how overwhelming it is for me to be in this restaurant with you. I feel like Cinderella at the ball. Or something like that.” 

“You? Part of your life is to wine and dine clients in upscale surroundings.” 

“That’s in my comfort zone,” she snapped. 

“Ah. I guess that’s what I was most curious to know when I saw you earlier today. I was hoping your insecurities might have lessened. At least that’s what I had assumed was why you had pushed me away.” He reached across the table for her hand to offer reassurance but not before she withdrew her hand into her lap. 

“Maybe dinner wasn’t such a good idea. We haven’t ordered. I could just slip out now. I don’t know why I came.” She spoke to her napkin in her lap never making eye contact. 

“No. Please stay. I’m sorry for saying that. I never stopped caring about you. I hear you and will respect your feelings. Just two friends then. Let’s have a nice dinner with no expectations. Afterwards, we go back to our lives as usual. Deal?” 

Phoebe found herself nodding as she swallowed down the tears. Damned tears. What did they mean? Maybe seeing Nate again was a sign.  A sign to look past her professional fa├žade to the vulnerable little girl who seemed take over when she let her guard down?

Words: 500

(Previous segments of this story can be found in blog listings. All named Le Cirque with consecutive numbers, although written for various writing challenges.)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toads: Leaf Haiku

Sunday Mini-Challenge

Write a poem or prose using the photo prompt which is original photography of L. Diane Wolfe.

dewdrop in leaf's heart
a gift from mother nature
our eyes to behold


OSI: Honor The Oneness

One Single Impression
Prompt 274: Weak

Write a poem or prose using the given prompt.

Photo by Grace Beam

strong mind weak body
sojourn led by guardian
to the ancient way

gentle spirit guides
with voices soft as whispers
offer sweet release

heart and mind unite
violet light from soul
honor the oneness

(The name of the statue above is "Changed Woman," which I thought appropriate for my journey and the prompt.)

Tarot: Judgement

Carpe Diem #126

Image Source

seeking light as child
praying those who preyed in hell
death forever safe 

those with evil path
surely must meet His judgement
children safe in death


Wordle: Mind Beams

Sunday Whirl
Wordle #110

Write a poem/prose using the following words:

mind and heart connect
anchor beams love and hope
yield security

current layers shift
consciousness fertile with change
keep healing phrase close

violet light is calm
stay within its pulsing range
wrap inside its warmth

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tarot: The Sun

Carpe Diem #205

Image Source

energy and light
cosmic dust in human form
following the sun

open heart to light
soul blooms like lotus flower
universal thought

HH: Exist In The Calm

Haiku Heights (Health)

Photo Source

free from constant fear
shift in being from healing
exist in the calm

exist in the calm
wrap self in violet cocoon
focus on breathing


Friday, May 24, 2013

Toads: Letting Go

Fireblossom Friday -- Location, Location, Location!

Write prose/poetry where the image/place is 
an integral part of the writing.

Sedona, AZ ~ Photo by Grace Beam

Sitting at the bottom of this pile of boulders
which represented all that I wanted to release
I listened with eyes closed to my guide
taking me to oneness by letting go of the sludge
and inviting the joy of living inside 

The wind was still when we began
and I held tightly to a pebble in my hand
I felt the vortex winds begin to swirl around me
initially feeling my raven nestled 
on the top of my head
(the imagery I had of the me who wanted 
to be freed in the ancient canyon)

As my guide suggested I invited in the parts of me
who had been locked out
and then felt my raven soar to freedom
Vortex winds whipped around me
as tears fell from my eyes
silently letting her go knowing that was her wish
my reason for the journey

The joy of the hummingbird I had seen
in the morning
entered my being
along with other entities of life
Afterwards I held the pebble
representing my past
to my heart

I felt the need to hurl it over the pile of rocks
and stood to where I could throw it
with full force
Releasing it, I knew it would not fully clear
and wondered what would happen
if all I had just achieved bounced back at me

A definitive sound of pebble on rock was heard
Both guide and I cringed for a moment
until we saw it bounce in the direction of the
canyon behind and below
Cheers and tears for the healing
Although it was only one part of quest

Tarot: The Moon

Carpe Diem #204

Image Source
 beyond the moon's reach
the divine light of being
hold it in your heart

may's full flower moon
its guile seeking attention
while we search for sun

brother sun, sister moon
saint francis loved all beings
embraced universe

FF: Force Against Nature

Flash! Friday #25

Write a 300 word story based on the following photo prompt:

“The Little Mermaid,” sculpture by Evard Eriksen.
Photo courtesy of John Nyberg

She sat atop the rocks in the breeze of the sea watching the fiery sunset. But she had not climbed the rocks for she was a mermaid, an elemental. A force against nature had perched her on the rocks where it was too dangerous for her to lean into the water. The laws of her world forbade her to be seen by humans. She sat forlorn wondering what to do.

Praying to Mother Nature, she asked for guidance. Soon darkness hid her completely from the world and she succumbed to the heaviness of sleep. She dreamed of large waves carrying her out to sea to safety and the arms of a strong wind leading her to a soft landing in the water.

The beautiful mermaid awoke to torrential rains before dawn. The tide swelled and waves lapped just below her. Still, she feared landing on one of the rock outcroppings below the surface. Mother Nature had given her a tail to swim but it was not a gift when stranded on the high rock.

“I can help you,” said a young boy.

Aghast, the mermaid turned to see the youngster balanced on the rocks dressed in yellow rain slicker, hat and goulashes with a rubber raft.

“Please don’t be scared,” he said assuredly for one so young. “I know of your kind and saw you last night. No one knows I’m here. But we have to be quick before the sun rises. Lean this way and fall into the raft. I can push you away from the rocks.”

Grateful for the boy’s kindness, she let herself fall into the small rubber raft and felt herself moving away from the rocks. As she got her bearings to return to sea, she looked back to thank the boy, but he had disappeared.

Words: 300
Twitter: grace2244