Saturday, July 20, 2013

dVerse: Two Two Four Four

dVerse: Numerology

2244 came into my life
when i chose it as the last 4 digits
to my car phone 
at the time
the salesperson was a friend
and let me choose from a page
because i wanted a number
easy to remember

it was almost two decades
before my amnesia came undone
and learned 2244 
was a part of me
a guiding number
a number that told me
when i was on the right path

it didn't matter in what form
22 or 44. 224 or 442 or 242
the numbers were my synchronicity
44 became 44N at one point
in Italy in 2005 we took a side trip
to Cinque Terre
because of a breathtaking view
we found online
not until after the trip was booked
did i get an internal "push"
Cinque Terre was 44 degrees N
initially afraid to go
i found huge healing during that trip

last year was france
husband chose Avignon
i said "okay"
accidentally found Avignon was 44N
italy couldn't be parallel with france
but those two cities were
another healing experience
most extraordinary
a time of synchronicity

2+2+4+4 = 3
i used to do that all the time
with numbers that came through
my amnesia
perhaps one time the number
had a different meaning
but was transformed before
i remembered
it's me
it's my number

Not exactly poetry or prose...but my stream of consciousness on this prompt.


  1. ha....very interesting how that number has played a significant role in your life and in your healing and the comfort it brought to you...really a fascinating story within your verse...very cool...

  2. Truly amazing to have been through that. Have you shared about your amnesia before?

    1. Probably more than others want to know, Laurie. But it stopped the life I had and I just really overcame 99.9% of all that manifested very recently. Had to throw a number in there :)

  3. Oh this prompt fit you perfect.. always wondered if those 2244 came from. Great take.

    1. Brian and I married on 7/22. His birthday is 10/22 which I could never remember. Brain kept thinking 10/1 or 10/10. He also knew I would always remember our anniversary and his birthday if we chose that date :) Hubby is smart ♥

  4. intriguing... how this number came out to be of such significance in your life.. you narrated it all in an interesting way.. :-)

  5. Wow, how very fascinating to see how those numbers have played out in your life. Amazing really!

  6. I found this both calming and fascinating. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Thanks to all who have visited and commented. Am having dizziness today but wrote earlier today, thank goodness. Will read more of the dVerse writing when I can. Hopefully tomorrow.

  8. It's funny how a number can start to become entrenched in your life... number 8 used to be mine...seemed I was always living in houses no 8 in the street. Fascinating poem.

  9. interesting how something chosen so casually has become significant. Enjoyed this immensely.

  10. it's cool how that number played such an important part and also love the healing and overcoming of fears

  11. that is really something... special in some way or another... i always wonder how it feels like to have amnesia... how it feels like to be in a big world of blankness where everyday you seem to forget...smiles...

  12. just a perfect fit. this gave me goosebumps, wow.
    Cinque Terre... awh... thanks for taking me back there - it was breathtaking.

  13. Gosh, suffering amnesia can really be traumatic. I'm glad that at least the number brought with it some security.

  14. Haha...Royal Baby born 4:24 pm London time on the 22nd, my first anniversary :)