Friday, July 19, 2013

dVerse: Mickey Mouse Beat

 dVerse: Mix and Match (2)

Since doing my cento yesterday and someone commented on another writing about A Clockwork Orange, the first line of this Dada with Scissors (I think) has been swirling in my head. Sounds like a beat poem to me although it might fall under another heading I don't know about. It just flowed out after I got that first line down.


in this mickey mouse clockwork orange world
hickory dickory is the doc who pulls the strings
to the puppets without brains
and dr seuss puts the cat on the hat
and jack spratt jumps over the moon

left is right and right is wrong
and alice fell down the rabbit hole 
to oz 
and one pill made her smaller
and ect made her forget
and now her brain can't think straight

it's dog eat dog and mary had a little lamb
the monster under the bed
isn't real but he will get you at night
and no one will ever believe
because the world goes around in 80 days
and what did i just say?


  1. ha...what a mash up...haha what did i just say...well there are some lines that could carry truth...gotta watch the doc that pulls is dog eat dog...but the world still spins...

    1. Most of this came from how mixed up I was...some even now. Probably why it tumbled so quickly. But yep, it still goes on. But much more awareness and no one pulling strings anymore. I know, I sound like a riddle. Thanks again, Brian. One.

  2. you said it all right... wonderful snippets to create an interesting poem. loved it. :-)

  3. ha out for these rabbit holes you can surely stand on the head sometimes and we have to adjust to new sizes within seconds..and the world spins round and round...

  4. Thanks, HA and Claudia! So nice of you to read the second.

  5. Ha.. so different from everything else I have read from you.. Lot's of killer lines in this verse. Enjoyed.

    1. Thanks, Björn. Maybe healing brain will surprise all of us. The Netherlands have followed PET scans of people healing from DID and the brain does reconnect as healing happens. Kind of awesome really.