Thursday, July 25, 2013

FSF: The Ancient Ones

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Limitless

Photo by Grace Beam

She had journeyed to Sedona for a kind of vision quest...a deep healing she believed would only be found in that place of desert canyons and earth energy from the vortexes. Three days of spiritual ceremonies and massages had been scheduled and Celeste arrived the night before opening herself to all that her heart and soul needed to absorb from the place of the ancient red canyon.

The morning of her last day she was greeted by her shaman guide who would take her to three of the vortexes although she had felt the winds swirl around her during times of healing or internal connection in the previous days. Sitting on the peak of Rachel's Knoll with no other human in sight, facing the side of the high butte which had rocks appearing to have faces etched in them, her guide said to close her eyes and listen to what the ancient ones had to say to her.

With the cloudless sky, comfortable temperature and light breeze, feeling so uplifted by all she had experienced, Celeste complied and let her mind go into a meditative state, feeling a strong urge to "ohmmm", something she had never done before while meditating, but allowed herself to vocalize the internal push soon followed by her guide's deeply resonating voice joining in with her having heard the silent and very personal message.


  1. This is beautiful Maggie Grace. I hope the healing worked. Such a spiritual place!

    I may be trying out your 5 sentence story. I do love prompts.

    1. Thank you, Judie! This prompt is my favorite because it's only 5 sentences and not a huge amount of other contributors like some prompts. It overwhelms me sometimes how many others so I don't write because I'm not able to read much these days. So nice of you to just stop by :)

  2. Sedona is the right place to commune with Nature!

    And if the name of that person is Celeste, the sky will propitiate a quick interchange with the spiritual world.

    I do like your tale, the mystic of a cloudless sky, within a believer's soul is an unfailing offer of charming fragrance for the deities!

    Thank you for letting us travel into your magic world!

    And thank you for your kind visit to my blog, I enjoyed your company.

    Od Liam

  3. Very good! I enjoyed the read very much!

  4. I've known people who have done just what you describe out in Red Rocks. There must be something special out there.

    Many can hear, but few listen.

    1. Yes, it is special. The vortexes. Earth energy lines intersect creating breezes/winds that are known to be healing...good energy. The trees that grow in the line of vortex wind have spiraled trunks and branches. Very cool. I had seen a special about Sedona ages ago. Had wanted to take a "healing journey" out there for ages. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Very beautiful & spiritual.

  6. Very deep response to the FSF. You paint a wonderful picture and describe her experience so well. I like your avatar, very mysterious.