Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Toads: Free Verse Travelogue

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Words Count ~ Vacation

Photo by Grace Beam, Cinque Terre, Italy

first we had Italy
poppies, Tuscany,
wisteria, espresso
trains, and young love

seven years later
honeymoon in France
Provence sans lavender
heavenly gelato,
chocolate croissants

what will be next?
you say perhaps Greece
or Barcelona sounds nice
back to Italy or France
any will do
just let me know
and my dreams will take hold


  1. It sounds like a wonderful life! Yay!

  2. Patricia, Sherry, and Helen, thank you so much for reading. Not such good writing but all that came to mind with the prompt. Brain not working too well. Will be reading other entries as I can. Eye issues will be for months before can be fixed with laser. And dizziness from just being me. Am wanting to keep up. Please forgive my slowness or if I miss anyone's poetry to the prompts.

  3. How wonderful, Italy! Feel better soon Maggie. Taking care of yourself comes first!

  4. How wonderful it would be to visit those places!

  5. Great write, and great life! Kudos to you for both. :o)

  6. A wonderful finishing line to a catalog that yet manages to be emotionally full. Nice write, MG, and best wishes on eyes, etc., mending. ~ M