Friday, June 14, 2013

Sedona: Haiku/Poetry Surrounding Journey

Sedona Thoughts & Messages
(See Haiku Journey to Sedona here)

as you find freedom 
my heart will remember 
you once were there 

in vortex of time
spirits dance in confluence
blackness drifts away
we'll always remember that 
once we were 

healing will come 
canyons will call me home 
fear will float away 

her *death* a rebirth 
soul soaring with raven wings 
love and soul still shared 

she will not die for love 
she will live for our freedom 
raven soars for us

soon gone with the wind 
my soul mate to fly with clouds 
releasing herself 
for my freedom 
soaring with joy  

Polyvore by grace2244

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