Monday, May 20, 2013

Haiku Journey: Vision Quest Sedona

May 15: Arrival

waxing crescent moon 
beacon in a cloudless sky 
winding rocky roads

May 16

quest begins today 
red rock canyon at sunset 
her feather release
must gather courage 
not knowing when 

exhale when she leaves
breathe her wings so she can fly
the vortex awaits

Morning: Jin Shin Jyutsu (ancient art of 
harmonizing the life energy in the body)
hummingbird at window 

first time in my life to see 
my tiny totem

while rosebuds gather 
we seek to bloom by parting 
awaiting her flight
breathing her further 
from my touch 

Garden of Jin Shin Therapist

Evening: Chakra Balancing/Sunset Meditation

hike the path 
cleanse chakras with swirling wind 
ground self to the earth

strong earth energy 
tree trunks spiraled from the wind 
crystal in the sand 

a soul healing invitation 
unwanted nefarious emotions 
cast into deep crater 
sacrifice to Mother Nature 
peace within the light 

hiking down canyon 
hummingbird finds me again 
my winged messenger

Sunset while hiking in canyon.

May 17

Morning : Soul Retrieval Ceremony 

prayer flags in the trees 
alight the pathway to peace 
cacti reach up to pray

Photo by Grace Beam

stone medicine wheel  
drum and pray ~ all directions
thank the elements

Medicine Wheel - Photo by Grace Beam

call back my being

live in my heart and temple
Raven flies to freedom
leaving me with life
a new oneness

white sage offering  
thanking raven for her gift
drum her my heartbeat

wispy clouded skies 
keep hot desert sun at bay 
vortex breezes swirl 

Evening: Reiki Massage

reiki in comfort 
canyon rocks traded for bed 
energy moves but I do not 
tingsha chimes chakras 
quiet now the night 

May 18

Morning: Vortex Experience with Shamanic Guide

listen for the bells 
in Mary's sacred chapel 
tune out all but self 
feel the vortex 
Madonna so close 

Inside Chapel of the Holy Cross

black feather of death 
spirals up to higher realm 
giving me new life 

find the sacred place 
Raven's suffering honored
only the gods know 

listen to the wind

hear its sacred whispering
i begin to ohmmm
wise face of canyon
smiles knowingly

Looked like Mayan faces in the red rock.

Afternoon: Helicopter Ride Through Canyons

flying through canyon 
sacrifice my fear for her 
a loving debt paid

nearing journey's end 
sacred spirits surround me 
will they follow home 

Evening: Massage

last healing session

massage releases body pain
coming home different
when will i know
did oneness happen

May 19: Journey Home

Where are the ravens?
Everywhere but here for me
Are they hiding?
A conspiracy?
My Raven invisible
Perhaps a message
of my journey

Raven Sculpture - Photo by Grace Beam


  1. just beautiful! it looks like you had a nice trip!

    1. Thank you, Adriana, for reading! It was a wonderful soul renewing trip!