Sunday, June 2, 2013

OSI: The Myth of Me

One Single Impression
Prompt 275: Myth 


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 at my birth there was no Google
propaganda made my life a myth
but, now, declassified
the public can know

Senate Hearings in 1972
exposed the secret program of the CIA
yet no one heard or wanted to hear
I am a child of the horror that was that program 

intentional amnesia created
the mind's natural response to overwhelming trauma
they knew and they used that knowledge
only constant horror causes the mind to fragment

in mid-40s my amnesia broke
my life fell apart
decades of therapy
even before "knowing" was seeking help
my life is still mostly mystery
and mostly no one believes

intentional propaganda arises
each time a new truth is released
the public doesn't know fact from fiction
myth from conspiracy

my feeling compelled to let the truth be known
has fallen on deaf ears
and so I let go
to focus simply on healing
to have a good rest of my life

I am a child of the cold war
my birth planned to be part of a secret project
evil incarnate
handed over to Nazis of Operation Paperclip
with permission of the person who was "my father"

and now, having written my truth,
may it rest in peace
and may the world
at some point
open their minds to what our government
still does to children trapped in the programs


  1. This is very disturbing, a testament to the writing. well done.

    1. Thank you for visiting and reading. Guess my last hurrah on saying it. Was sort of scared to reveal but the writing community feels very accepting.

  2. Oh my!What was 'Operation Paperclip'? Please do write more on this. Search on Google does not reveal much detail.
    If this happens in US, what must be happening in relatively backward and resources starved nations trying to maintain their place in this rat race?

    Soon world will be a small village and nations will not be competing with each other in using science to be one up, but to create love and harmony. Web world will accelerate it. Your poem is sure going to help in some way.

    God bless you.

    1. The best quick overview is here:
      Even it is incomplete because many more were involved in the human experimentation/mind control aspect than mentioned. Thanks for asking. You can see Op Paperclip was still active in 1990.