Saturday, June 15, 2013

Toads: Dry Around the Bend

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Artistic Interpretations with Margaret

Photo by Grace Beam

spiraling down into the desert town
tall pine forest lines the way
a crescent moon in cloudless sky
the stars twinkling their ballet

the moon still seen in daylight
bluest skies for days on end
the river barely trickling
dry around the bend

the buttes rise out of nowhere
their majesty unmatched
casting shadow over homesteads
offering coolness soon dispatched

tall cactus stand sentinel
a testament to the past
but forests burned and trees amiss
are premonitions cast

still beauty reigns
in canyon rocks telling nature's story
the desert land so harsh and dry
is the cowboy's land of glory



  1. Beautifully done..."coolness soon dispatched" is so true. I live in the desert part of the prairie, with cactus, and coulees, and hoodoos, and hot hot heat in the summer, no protection from icy winds in the winter. The cowboys around here love it, as you said.

  2. What a vista you conjured... :)

  3. Spiraling down is such a perfect image with the pines. This poem highlights the land in such a way as a soothing caretaker. I think the photograph is pretty, and you may keep it linked with the challenge, but the poems were supposed to be inspired by the photography of the Merri Melde. :). In sure it was an honest misunderstanding, so no sweat. :)

    1. Sorry, Margaret. I guess I won't try to engage in your challenges anymore. I have short term memory issues and grasped the cowboy poem and read examples. Don't even remember having to use the photo.

  4. Very nice poem and photo. Perfect combination.