Thursday, June 20, 2013

FSF: Sarah's Will

Five Sentence Fiction - Blades

Write a five-sentence story inspired by the word "blades".

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Still grieving for her best friend who had died from a rare form of cancer at the age of 27, Phoebe was contacted by the executor of Sarah's Will exactly a year later and given a handwritten letter sealed in an envelope asking that she ride through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Sarah had loved hiking and mountain climbing and had fallen in love with the Grand Canyon often saying, when she died, that is where her soul could be found.

Phoebe, a nerd in every respect, was terrified at the thought of flying in a helicopter but felt compelled to carry out her friend's last wishes; and while being buckled into the front seat of the helicopter next to the pilot with the best possible view, she kept eying the lack of a door and how easy it would be to fall to her own death if somehow the safety harness malfunctioned, yet she steeled herself to see this through.

Although a spectacular view, she had a death grip on her seat for the first half of the ride until she forced herself to let go and focus on being one with Sarah if her soul truly was now with her on this flight. At the moment she let go, she saw a raven gliding parallel with the helicopter looking directly into her eyes and Phoebe's fear suddenly evaporated and was replaced with a sense of calm and joy.


  1. What a nice story. It has a good narrative flow that pulls me along. I like the ending ((sigh)).

    1. Thank you, Alice. You are so nice to read my stuff ♥

  2. Nice story. The symbolism of the raven fits well.

  3. What a lovely gift from her friend. I also like to believed our departed loved ones still watch over us.

  4. A very beautifully written story. I love the symbolism and feelings this evoked.

  5. Such a beautiful story of friendship and overcoming your fear(I know that death grip very well indeed). I just love the idea of their souls being one for that special moment. A really special story. xx

  6. She found her friend's soul and her courage...Great story and thought process.

    Barbara @

  7. Very nicely done. I saw it and enjoyed the tale.

  8. Phoebe's tension and fear is really palpable - well done. Glad she was able to relax and enjoy in the end.