Saturday, June 29, 2013

dVerse: Cinderella, R.I.P.

dVerse: Poetics ~ It Started With A Mouse

Write a poem/prose using at least one Disney character.

Cinderella, R.I.P.
life was not as said to be
no happily ever afters happened
though several husbands had me maddened

So many times I tried to change
my perspective of life not so deranged
and finally it came to be
I found a life ~ a fait accomplis

Little girls still love their princes
Many learn to kiss the toads
I do hope with all my heart
their lives do more smoothly go


  1. Ha, I do wonder what happened to Cinderella after she married the prince. I think there should be a sequel to the tale. I think we all hope that our 'princesses' find the right 'prince' without encountering too many 'toads' along the way.

  2. I hope little girls keep their ideals for a long time ~ But like Mary, I did wonder what happen to Cinderella afterwards ~

  3. Finding a life -the second stanza such an honest statement - and the kissing of toads made me smile- K

  4. def the second stanza jumps out at me...honest....i would hope that girls can feel comfortable in their own skin and not feel like they need to change to fit you know...or sell themselves to win that prince....i would hope a much smoother life as well...

  5. Thank you, all, for reading and commenting. I rarely write rhyming poetry but sarcasm seems to come in rhymes. I think girls with loving parents and good guidance are smarter about their choices and also there appears to be marriage later than early 20s. Good for them!

  6. and some hope that kissing the toads turns them into a prince someday... unfortunately happens very seldom... and just read your comment above and i agree... girls with loving parents are def. not that need-driven in their choices cause the fundament is much better and their self-worth as well

  7. Yes .. The game of prince and princesses is dangerous .. There is a life after the happy ever after that might be less happy.. Guess the same's true for guys only looking for beauty and never daring to look deeper

  8. Yeas, madam... so it should be

  9. Some have it some don't! The wheel of fortune governs the make-up in life. The lucky ones laugh! Nicely Maggie!


  10. I hope fewer princesses learn to kiss the toads. Good take on the prompt.

  11. Well, for one I would hope she dropped "cinder" and reclaimed "Ella", regardless of what came after. A thoughtful write, Maggie Grace. ~ M