Monday, June 3, 2013

Edge: Quick! The Bubblegum!

Write On Edge

Write no more than a 200 word post about bubblegum:

Such a picturesque view along 17-Mile Drive of Monterey, California, passing through Pacific Grove, along Pebble Beach Golf Course, through Carmel and a dramatic view of the lone cypress. With several lookout points, Audrey just had to stop and put her quarter in as she used to as a child when on a trip.

After begging her boyfriend to pull over, she hastily put a quarter in the view finder. Turning the knob the quarter wouldn't budge. She tried digging it out with her nails, but that didn't work either. Dean tried pushing the coin in further and again tried the knob. Nothing. It was their only quarter. 

Suddenly Dean said excitedly, “Gum! Give me a piece of your bubblegum!” Not knowing what was wrong with him, Audrey frantically looked through her purse and felt a piece of gum at the bottom. She pulled it out and handed it to Dean who quickly tossed it in his mouth chewing rapidly for about 30 seconds. He then pulled out the gum, smooshed it on the quarter, and proudly removed the gum with the quarter attached.

Fortunately, one more view finder stood next to them.

Words: 193


  1. How clever is that boyfriend!

  2. Smart, creative, patient, and giving? Sounds like a keeper.

  3. Oh Maggie, that was such a lovely, romantic, sweet peek inside what a good-hearted-man looks like.

  4. Like MacGyver! I can envision a whole sweet novel written around these two!

  5. Thank you all for lovely comments!!

  6. Funny. Tell me that this is fiction, though. ;-)

    1. It's a fictionalized real gum incident. The prompt immediately brought back that funny moment. I'm not THAT clever. Lol

  7. I agree! That is so clever, and so was this sweet little piece!

  8. I think she's dating someone kin to McGyver.