Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wordle: Inhumanity

The Sunday Whirl
Wordle 114

complex forest tracks
lead to answers at still edge
mind files lie pale

noxious class of gas
released by uncaring man
leaves inhumane mess

Photo Sources


  1. Powerful haiku that carry much more than their words.

  2. We are systematically destroying our earth and our lives with all that inhumane mess we create!! Good nudge to draw attention!!

  3. A horrible time in history. Never forget!

  4. Thank you, Brenda, Nanka, and Aurora for reading and commenting. The words did take me down a dark path today.

  5. powerful words accompanying a powerful graphic. "Never forget" Randy

  6. This is an excellent and compact write on a topic that's not easy to approach. Well done.

  7. It is inevitable that mankind should not only destroy half the planet but himself with it.

  8. Maggie, you made me catch my breath as I was not expecting this. I have to agree with Randy, "never forget".

  9. Thank you to all for reading and commenting. I chose the image from WWII where the US did say "never again". But genocide has happened over and over again since then and still continues today. I didn't want to use a graphic image for my message. Sort of my rant on inhumanity. It was a heavy topic.