Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wordle: Teens in Love

The Sunday Whirl
Wordle #113

Write prose/poetry incorporating the following words:

moonshine lights the path
giggle shatters the silence
crazy teenage love

chattering from cold
sense of love loads them with warmth
scoops her in his arms

doorway like a cave
cuts the windchill around them
stealing a quick kiss 

in the wake of love
anything to stay together
jarring door splits them

time to part ways
parents have intervened
moment is shattered


  1. I still remember my first love, even though it was several lifetimes ago! Your poem brought it all back.

  2. Romantic and absolute teenage love, well visualized!! Could clearly hear the world shattering at their feet with the parental intervention!! :)

  3. You own doorstep is not a good place to snuggle. But needs must, I even had a angry man knocking at the car window as they steamed up, just because I parked outside his house!

  4. Curse tjose parents! Were they never young? Oh. So they know what will happen? I see...

  5. Memories... Nicely done Maggie! I've been on both ends of that intervention. ;)

  6. Beautiful poem of first love memories, Maggie.