Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toads: Oil Rant

Imaginary Toads: Get Ready To Howl

Write a poem or prose inspired by Allen Ginsberg's Howl.

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have we learned nothing from fruitless war
sending young men into battle
to make the wealthy more rich
disavow climate change
disavow the poor
oil is savior
make no changes to shift deity
better to die with mountains of wealth
than live with fortunes built on saving lives


  1. It is a sad state of affairs!

  2. You nailed this one! Great job!

  3. Even the poor use oil, use energy. BUT, yes, war doesn't always seem to solve our problems as the same issues seem to often still be here! And my heart would break if my husband or son died for a cause not worthy... sigh. Mountains of wealth are pretty cold if it means lives have been lost.

  4. Important thoughts, well worded.

  5. Brilliant job, one day perhaps it'll all change for the better

  6. Maggie, you said in a short poem what took me two pages to say. This is the most elegant, precise HOWL I've seen yet. Good, no, GREAT on you! Amy (unpaid professional ranter)

  7. Thank you to all for reading and commenting on my rant. It is a thorn I'll just have to live with. Awful to say, but glad I won't live to see the harm it causes at higher levels. Am 60 now.

  8. I agree with Amy. An extremely powerful write, Maggie.
    And I won't live to see it kill the earth, because I'm older than you are, but I cry for all the little ones I love so much, the grands and the great-grands...what kind of world are we leaving them?

    1. If you believe in energy and universal consciousness, you can see the shift with youth movements and new priorities. It's in their hands now. And I wish them much success. I have sighed and cried and screamed too many times. Hugs. Thank you for your words, Kay.

  9. Thank you for this meaningful speak well and from your heart, Maggie.

  10. I, too, admire how much you have said in a short poem. Awesome!