Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Waiting For Answers


i walked into the past today
guided there by subconscious
he had felt safe in the 70s
he felt safe today
his eyes still kind and smiling
my boss from long ago
in my previous life
before i knew i wasn't me.
trusting my inner guide
i asked a few questions
about that time in my life
what he remembered
nothing ever seemed awry to him
professional, "on top of things"
"i went through five secretaries
in one year after you"
did i ever do work for another?
he mentions a name
it sounded familiar but no bell
driving home i remember
he was a partner...quite elderly and scary
google to find he died early this year
connected to state government
so was i in a covert way
was that why i needed to see him?
for that name?
time will tell
if my visit was meant to trigger a memory
it could be a day
a year
there was a reason i went today
there's always a reason


  1. Thank you for reading this, Norma. It was more of something that just needed to come out. How nice of you to be a witness to my thoughts.

  2. Maggie I hope you find your way.

    1. Thank you for your wish and just for reading this random writing.