Friday, August 30, 2013

CD: Light Within

Carpe Diem #285 ~ The Peace Within

all the world tuned out
peace within shines its bright light
for me to behold



  1. How wonderful if it can happen so easily! A nice feel Maggie!


  2. Tuning out the world is so hard for me to do. How about you?

    Peace in Plums

    1. I grew up in a fog and tuning out was second nature. I had to learn to be more aware but I still have the ability to easily tune out. Side effect of long-term dissociation/amnesia. Not recommended. lol. See what I wrote to HA. If it's difficult to relax, it's worth a shot. Give it a week or so of trying to listen during down time each day. It's about 20 min...2 segments. Start small. I know anxious people find it difficult to be still. For some, just a minute a day to start is a start. So many things can impact ability to tune out, including childhood messages about it not being okay to do nothing. Brain needs a few minutes each day minimum of down time to rejuvenate. FWIW.

  3. If only it could happen every time... It is so difficult to turn off those voices and even if we are successful, they return back.
    Lovely haiku!

    tuning off the world
    jittery to find some peace
    moment raptures down

    1. I understand so well, HA. I HAD to learn how to relax to heal from my past...PTSD and high anxiety. Then I taught clients how to relax when I was a therapist. It helped most so am making a recommendation. I listened as I was going to sleep...focused on the words and learned to follow the guided imagery. Belleruth Naparstek, download from Amazon. Healing Depression (whatever the title with depression is) works for getting to a calm place. It's my #1 recommendation for just getting to calm, anxiety, depression, whatever. I never did hear the whole thing...I'd fall asleep which is perfectly fine. What she guides you through is what I do on my own to tune out the world and calm the inner world.

  4. The world in which we live isn't always in tune with our heart and soul ... It's therefor a problem to become free of it to come in balance again. Haiku, in my opinion, can help to bring you in focus and in balance again.
    Look at the haiku as a kind of Koan, a Zen-question, and it will bring you back in balance and back in the peace within.

  5. It does feel wonderful when I tune out the world for a bit.....