Tuesday, August 20, 2013

dVerse: Inanimate Thoughts

dVerse: Open Link Night 110

bales of rusted wire 
catch my eye through the car window 
huge rolls on a truck bed
inanimate thoughts churn
in my mind
how sad to be rusted
what history have they seen
are they off to their burial
do they know of their fate
why do i wonder if they think?

maybe they are off to a new home
but have been in storage
as conveyed by their rust
still i see the rust as age
"put out to pasture"
like me with my rusted joints
and spiky brain waves


  1. Oh I relate to rusty joints...though I feel I'm far from the pasture yet...I can imagine many scenarios reading this...a great imagination and metaphor. :)

  2. Maybe a little rusty myself, but not without use, yet! Liked this very much.

  3. smiles...we can hope its not their time to be put to pasture and someone can still find some use in them...i turn 40 on thursday and i might admit one day that i am getting old...smiles.

  4. How sad to be rusted, that is actually my biggest fear ~ You have touched a nerve here ~

  5. Not utilized but already subject to deterioration on the verge of being stored/discarded/disregarded/thrown/set aside. Gosh! getting old can bring lots of concern and fright for ordinary folks. Nicely expressed Maggie!


  6. Whew, what a comparison, Maggie.... You have written so well about something we don't want to face, but all of us eventually will!!

  7. I feel less rusted now than I was 20 years ago! Well expressed, Maggie.

  8. Wow...but I think you are right. They are going to be reused, repurposed into something new again. Great piece.

  9. A clever piece that examines the fate of a part of the shrinking West. The barbed wire fence made up the history of Texas and has been ubiquitous all my life. Congrats on a cool piece.

  10. i'm a sucker for rust...really love the texture..even the smell... so..way to go for them.. and us..smiles

  11. Oh, wow. Powerful ending, Maggie.

  12. How great you describe the world of aging.. and I admire so how your poetry just keep getting better and better... but rust has its beauty to, just like a lined face or a body moving slower...

  13. A great use of wordplay to imagine a life ~ or a stage of life ~ or a past and future ~ thank you.

  14. I hear my rusty joints creak and i wonder if/when will I be put out to pasture. I related to well to this poem Ha. But really, I'm not that rusty yet and you sure aren't if you can write something so clever.

  15. "it's better to burn out, cuz rust never sleeps..." Neil Young

    Slice sharp final couplet, Maggie Grace ~ M

  16. she forgot
    about the rust
    blown in
    once again
    from memory’s wind

    1. Beautiful haiku response, Frank. Thank you!

  17. Thank you, all, for reading and commenting. I like to see what others see in my writing. Sometimes I'm apparently more profound than intended. lol. Just feeling rusty. Working on oiling up those joints ;-O

  18. As of late with stiffening in joints, I so relate to your comparison of rusted joints. As we begin to age, it is something the mind gives an occasional attention to as the joints begin to act as though even an oiling may not help. Great comparison drawn here.