Tuesday, August 6, 2013

dVerse: Inside

dVerse: Poets Pub

the world inside my head
is where i lived for decades
it's so easy to jump in there
or hear the thoughts flowing
already percolating with
the next thing i will write
i can hear the gears begin to grind
as i'm reading the prompt
can't get to the new post button
fast enough
no drafts
no scribbled notes
just write and proof
not meant to be edited
that i know
what comes out is meant to be
unplugged in a different way


  1. Maggie Grace, Iknow that feeling very well.>KB

  2. I love the way you described your writing process. It is oftentimes GOOD to write without censoring oneself, to just go with the flow.

  3. I've just been chastising myself for not working enough on a poem, for just rushing to write and post. You make me feel better about it, thank you Maggie Grace!

  4. More than mere worlds, there are galaxies within poets, perhaps universes or overlapping dimensions, yes, yes, and that's why we are born witnesses to and in this world. You make me proud to be a member of your poetry pride.

  5. smiles...there are poems that i work and poems that i def just let be...unplugged like that...meant to be wild as they are when they come off my pen....

  6. I love the authenticity and raw seams of this poem. I also love the way the poem traces the topography of a mind in process.

  7. This piece has so much immediacy-- you can feel the lines race as they try to keep up with your thoughts...I guess you type better than I do, though, because my fingers NEVER keep up with my words :P peace, Jason

  8. That's how I write too--just going with the feeling you have, with little editing. You capture it nicely and express the dance well.

    by the scribbles
    of life’s little notes

  9. the tension builds until that very last word, which is perfect. release.
    you've described so well the process i go through sometimes, i don't
    realize while i'm trying to catch all the words spilling out, what a release'
    how cathartic it was to to finally write them. really loved this poem, Maggie Grace. ty.

  10. I do like the stream of consciousness writing ~ But I have learned to edit and edit, until the time is up to post it ~ I think there are times though words flow effortlessly that it needs no revision ~

  11. I love hte authenticity of you poems MG very refreshing

  12. Very sane reaction just to allow the flow. Poetry is so versatile and nothing is 'wrong' but everything is 'right' and acceptable. Nicely Maggie!


  13. I like the smoothness and think we could all
    learn sometimes the first thing in mind might
    be it.

  14. Sometimes I press that publish button quickly. Then I agonize about no editing enough. But most often, I agonize before pressing the button. Can't say I think it makes much of a difference. At least not with MY writing.

  15. This poem exudes a confidence that is essential. Sometime the same narrator may come to enjoy the play of form, but maybe not. All is well.