Sunday, August 18, 2013

CD: Longing For The Unknown

Carpe Diem ~ Longing for the Unknown

We were asked to write for what we most long for in our lives. Safety and a home far away from "here" are what I chose to write about.

i wish to feel safe
for what remains of my life ~
not my destiny


home in south of france ~
not here so steeped in danger
is anywhere safe?
my reality defined
by covert government birth


  1. Fun and mysterious

  2. mysterious indeed

    and perhaps a bit fearful?


    1. Thank you for acknowledging the fear, JzB. I tried to reply to your comment while away but my phone wouldn't let me.

  3. Mysterious... I agree with others.
    And I could read the pain in your haiku. It touched my heart.

  4. It is so painful to face danger no matter where or what causes it. May you find a measure of peace, MG.

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  6. Maggie Grace
    I deleted my first comment because I entered to post absent mindedly
    while thinking about your being fearful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Looking for peace in life is an honorable
    longing that is difficult to find. There
    are places that are safer than others, but
    there is always the fear that is sensed in
    your sharing.
    May you find the place to live that gives you
    the most peace in your heart and soul.
    I find small town living the place for me...on
    the coast near the shore that I can retreat to
    It is not totally free of danger and fears,
    but not like I'd feel in a city...been there,
    and cities are nice places for me to visit.

    This may not be my forever place, but for now,
    it is the best for my fears that led to
    I support your search for the choice that
    you feel is best for you.
    Peace and love

    1. Siggi...♥♥♥ I wrote you a really long reply and then hit publish...while I was away and had forgotten it wasn't working after trying to respond to JazzBumpa. Just thank you. Most of my agoraphobia stayed in Sedona. Working on the rest. Small spaces...pretty view. Lovely.

  7. I find the stuff I know far more frightening than the unknown...but then I don't know what I don't know yet and I probably never will. That said, I do know I wish you all the peace you seek Grace :)

    1. Thank you, JRB. I try to be in that peace whenever I can.

  8. What a mysterious post. Maggie ... I like that haiku very much.

  9. tis the 'unknown' in your excellent haiku ~ thanks, carol, xo

  10. ah love the mysterious and fearful in your haiku and text. Sounds like very scary thoughts you are living with.

    1. Yes. I think I've lived through the worst but there is always an unknown for me I have to "keep in mind". I do feel so safe when I go on vacation. Hopefully one day will move away from where I am now. I had life in amnesia for about a third of the time (guessing) between 1967 and 1997. And then another few years before realizing stuff happened here. It wasn't always when I was away. Hard to explain. My life sucked. Haiku helps and has given me a lovely community of others.

  11. we all have fears when we face them they will be at times more than we can handle. You are always so honest and graceful - I wish you that peace that goes beyond understanding

  12. I hope a sense of peace enters your heart and mind. I try to concentrate on now, rather than unknowns.