Monday, August 12, 2013

CD: Sedona Grace

Carpe Diem Kamishibai #4 ~ Cathedral

I was in cathedrals in Italy and France with the unbelievably high ceilings and stained glass windows as tall as buildings. But it was The Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona that touched me the most emotionally. You can see Cathedral Rock from the chapel but the view through those huge windows in the front of the chapel out onto the Sedona vista was overwhelmingly beautiful. I felt so close to holiness in all of Sedona but particularly on the day I was inside the chapel, sitting on a stone pew, listening for bells that played in the background. "Touched by grace" comes to mind for that experience.

chapel high above
touched by grace with mary
i sit inside awed

I think this was a Google image and not my photo.



  1. what an amazing feeling that must have been! I would cherish it.

  2. beautifully done Maggie


  3. look at it only
    the wonderful grace of the Lord
    caught in architecture

    Wonderful haibun Maggie and that haiku ... a masterpiece. I sought on the Internet for other photos of this Chapel and as I saw those wonderful photo's I could feel the same emotion as you did when you were there. So I had to respond with a haiku.
    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Am glad you felt that awe too, Kristjaan. This photo reminded me the architect built it into the canyon walls. It is part of the earth. It's actually the site of the vortex that goes with the heart chakra...the winds that come from earth energy lines that are unique to Sedona. Being on the vortex in or near the level of the church is a glorious feeling.