Saturday, August 3, 2013

FSF: Finding Her Bliss

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Bliss

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Somewhere PTSD and autism must overlap since sensory overload is common between the two. Unfortunately, those with autism don't get a break from the onslaught. With PTSD, it's mostly intolerable only when something in the environment triggers a flashback to something frightening heightening all senses. 

She imagined bliss as a moment of purity when all is still and quiet on the earth. Italy was her first bliss with the poppies and no neighbors for miles around with only the calming sound of bees buzzing in the field with a view of serenity as far as the eye could see.


  1. Great picture - I can certainly see that as a blissful place! Interesting angle for the story!

  2. Such perfect bliss for many I'd imagine; beautifully described. xx

  3. Love the slow build up of context

  4. A beautiful and serene landscape. If bliss cannot be found here is there hope for any of us?