Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HH: Mouse Companion

Haiku Heights ~ Bat

quiet little bat
sitting next to my pink mouse
until I panic


  1. I would have gone eeeeeekkkss!! :O

  2. Fabulous tke on the prompt. Cute!

  3. Many haikus are just words in a series, this one is very visual. I can truly see the bat and the mouse together, just hanging out.

    1. Thank you, Thomas! The syllables didn't allow for computer mouse but this really happened. Was using sofa arm for mouse. Laptop in front of me. Turned to get mouse and little bat just sitting next to me. I thought he thought the mouse was a fellow species. My first thought was how cute he looked. Then I realized it was a bat and totally freaked like a stereotypical woman. He was safely caught and released though.