Friday, August 9, 2013

dVerse: Thoughts After Brain Mapping

dVerse: Open Link Night

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my brain waves are SpIkEy
when they should be
rollllling like the waves
of a calm sea
what if the neurofeedback
blow my brain up
i know that won't happen
but it's a thought
perhaps a thought placed there
by the evil that was my life
"my handlers"
so they say on TV
if you try to heal your brain,
it will blow up
and so a 5-year-old believes

brain map completed today
if it were a picture
i imagine it like pieces glued together
or scraps scotch taped
in every possible direction
to ensure it holds
little faces under the tape
screaming that they are trapped
emoticons before there were emoticons
no smiley faces in my brain
just :-O and %-O and OOOOOO

will the neurofeedback
give me smiley faces
and rescue the trapped emoticons
beneath the scotch tape?
will my brain blow up
before that happens?


  1. Scary stuff, Maggie. Hang in there, hoping so much for you and your future. HUGS

    1. Thank you for reading, Evi! I know I acknowledged you on FB but was just scrolling through and wanted to let you know here too how much I appreciate your time and hope ♥

  2. whata vivid image of the brain like a collage glued together...kinda scary too the brainwashing done to kids...touched that a bit myself today....i hope you dont blow up maggie...smiles.

    1. Thanks, Brian. My memories came in collages. Hundreds of them. Pieces that eventually became stories when put together the right way. I stopped doing the collage art after healing in May. So odd. Like my brain is done. Patched together as good as it gets. I do know I THOUGHT my head would explode for various reasons. Hopefully I'm past that now ;-O

  3. Glued together patches of brain... wow. This is amazing.

  4. ha - now that was what you mentioned on monday with SpIkEy... ha...very cool..

    the trapped emoticons beneath the scotch tape...hey...i'm sure...they will run free one day and play tag me and whatever... watch out for this...smiles...happy times to come... love your description...

  5. may you be free from your bindings Maggie - scotch tape or thought. Powerful write xx

  6. This sounds a bit frightening, Maggie. There must be much more beneath this poem, and I will only say that I hope all will be okay for you and your brain.

  7. Maggie Grace, so sorry you are feeling this way, i can only imagine my emotions, that are my lifeblood, being trapped as emoticons...yes i believe my brain would blow up as well

  8. Oh, the thought of what might show should my brain be mapped is actually a bit frightening. I feel the spiky energy myself during those nights when my brain won't shut off and let me rest. This seems to be a purge and yet not fully purged. I hope all is well.

  9. It's hard to remember that we all see differently with all the normalizing images scotch taped to our minds by popular media. Powerful write, Maggie Grace

    1. That's so true! Our minds do get spattered with media messages and some of them do stick harder than others.

  10. This so powerful. and scary as been pointed out. Loved what you did with the emoticons at the end...

  11. Don't blow up! This is a great poem. Thanks for sharing...