Friday, August 2, 2013

Sensory Overload

outside begins the
bounce bounce bounce
of the basketball
doesn't he ever get tired?
the heater running in the kitchen
grinding of coffee as hubby
makes espresso
water running through the pipes
the onslaught of sound
to overly sensitive hearing

sometimes i long for quiet
i mean quiet without the white noise
without ear plugs
just sit and hear the silence
like walking in Sedona
where just the breeze
spoke to me peacefully
and the sun softly stroked
my skin

life without PTSD
without sensory overload
without drugs tugging 
at my central nervous system
my last bastions of hope
work in progress
maybe my last decade of life
will be peace without 
working so hard 


  1. i hear you...and i imagine it can become quite overwelming when all the stimuli seem amped up...hopefully you do find that peace...funny its the little noise for me that remind me i am not alone...

    1. Most people go through life oblivious to what I hear. Comforting sounds...playlists of music I love. Sound of raining is comforting. Two brain zap sessions week of the 9th. Thank you for reading, Brian. My way of working past the bouncing ball ;-)