Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Divided Self Speaks

I know her as Raven...She is speaking to me

we share a heart and soul
we come from the same seed
spawned into evil

you were the one who never knew
i knew all
we were forever connected
in that darkness

we have always loved each other
as twins do
internal twins
always feeling each others presence
but not being able to touch or speak
until the amnesia created a portal

we've been healing together
for 16 years
as long as our spirits are entwined
you will never be free from the misery
and i will never be set free from the body

it is because you love me
you are willing to let me go
but we will still be united through
our cosmic dust
the astral plane
our telepathy

my release will be your release
the canyon awaits us both
say goodbye to me by
floating the black feather into the canyon
you will feel me leave
setting you free is my love for you

they made it so we could never truly be one
but i know how to part ways and
keep the invisible thread between us
you have worked hard to set us free
all who have healed have waited
not to feel the burden of our 
unfathomable grief and terror

when i leave  
the blackness that we were made to believe 
was our soul
will be carried by the vortexes
and disappear where it can
harm no other
it will leave me because i carry it
which is why i must leave the body

i will separate from the soul
that was never us
and take the spirit that is mine
and part of the one we share
only goodness will bind us together

my terror now leaks through to you
i hope you will let go as i leave
and not try to hold on
or you will retain some of the darkness
and there will be no way for it to leave

i will carry both of us to freedom
think of me soaring in the canyons
and nesting on Native American soil
my spirit will never die 
the cosmos will know what we endured
and what we had to sacrifice

breathe out when you feel me leave
exhale the sludge of our life into the canyon
your breath will be my wings

i know this holds some sadness for you
it was never our choice to have this life
i do know your love is letting me go
one soul divided is still one soul
and so we will remain
twins divided but together

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