Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heart Wishes

Carpe Diem Treasure

A favorite haiku written by Patricia:

on your monument
my hand touches the etching
that’s carved in my heart

My haiku inspired by Patricia:

your ashes as wished
the quiet of Tuscany
scattered in poppies

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  1. Your haiku is a tender, very quiet souful moment, especially with the Tuscany touch - feels very real. Using my weebly blog as forgot my password, and nice, easy blog to use!

  2. I am honored that you like my small tribute to Angel. She is with me always.I love the idea of sprinkling the ashes amongst the poppies..just lovely

  3. both the inspirational and th newly created haiku are amazing! you've outdone youreselves, girls!

  4. Maggie ... this is surely a valuable and treasured haiku by Patricia. The one you've written inspired on the one by Patricia is very nice and gentle. Thank you for this gem for our treasury.