Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kristjaan!

Carpe Diem #175
Abraham (becoming 50)

we celebrate Kristjaan
he brings gift of haiku
our lives are changed

Carpe Diem is haiku
also community of souls
cherishing each other 


  1. Yes it is a wonderful community of souls communicating through haiku!

  2. What a wonderful birthday gift Maggie. Thank you for this nice series of haiku. I am glad to read that you feel save and cherished here at Carpe Diem. I am proud and humble that IN may be your host.

    1. You are "my" haiku master. No other website has the interaction you do...the background and education of the prompts...the gentle push to improve. You deserve to be very proud on your 50th birthday! So much you've accomplished and so much to come.

  3. Beautiful haiku, Maggie! A beautiful gift to Kristjaan.

    Kristjaan has been a blessing in my life too. My haiku are born because of his wonderful prompts. His daily prompts inspire me to write and write better. I learn so much in the process. We wish Kristjaan many more years of good health, prosperity, and haiku.

  4. what a wonderful gift for a wonderful man

  5. I am also so glad to be part of this community. It is clearly like friends meeting you all here.

  6. a beautiful tribute :) i'm really glad to have this place where i could learn, grow and explore my passion in haiku and also meet wonderful people such as yourself ^^

  7. So happy all of you liked my haiku for Kristjaan and share my feeling of community here ♥ It all started with a friend telling me that syllables no longer mattered in haiku. It took away the barrier for me to try. Now there's no turning back :))

  8. Love your tribute to a man I look forward to reading each day.