Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friends Forever

VisDare 15: Unanswered

Write a story using the image as a prompt with 150 words or less.

The mist gradually cleared. Anna and Alexi, holding hands once again, looked at each other noticing their opaqueness. Not recognizing their surroundings, they hesitatingly explored. Adults seemed not to notice them as if they were invisible. Although other children also had the same response. It wasn't until a running dog passed through them that their fears were confirmed. Yet they were still together, always having been the best of friends.

A crowd nearby began cheering that the war was over. A cast aside newspaper in English told them they were in America. Turning the pages they saw the images of the concentration camp and the chimneys―their last memory when they had been forced to separate.

Words: 115


  1. Haunting and sad. What a great write.

    1. Thank you, Kelly! My first comment for this :)

  2. A story at once touching,sad, very frightening and thought-provoking. Well-written.

  3. It's excellent Maggie! More please. I want to know how it ends :)

  4. 115 words! I wanted the balance in words :-( What a remarkable, poignant story you have told. I loved this Maggie eerie, turbulent and yes haunting.

  5. Pirate, Gail, and Rambly, Your comments are so much appreciated! I wrote it, did the word count, and it was under 120...115 with a few edits. So glad you liked it. A tiny bit of back story. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought concentration camp. But they weren't dressed quite right. So I put them in America and tied the two locations together. Funny how brains work.

  6. Well your brain worked brilliantly and you used your brain well x

  7. I found this very tender and touching.