Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finding Center

Haiku Heights (Incense)

incense of white sage
vibrations of singing bowl
breathe in calm

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  1. I love having the ability to simply read, close my eyes and visualise. Beautiful imagery Maggie, my favourite line - Incense of white sage. I adored the 2nd also, but for me white sage brought it to life.

  2. Between the two of you, the haiku works :) Thank you so much. Rambly, I have white sage and a smudging bowl too. MMT, I have two singing bowls...one with such deep resonance. Also have Seven Metals Singing Bowls, music of just singing bowls, that I often fall asleep to or midday relaxation. Always appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Calmness dawns on your words :-)

  4. a most beautiful moment of peace....