Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not Pretty

100 Words #329 - Pretty

Pretty is not me 
I was the smart one
the little one with big boobs
as early as pre-teen

I thought being nominated
to the Homecoming Court
was a joke
but it wasn't
I still don't understand
how that happened

My body fell apart at age 55
right after my own mini-“extreme”-makeover
My husband loves me warts and all
I know I’m pretty in his eyes
even after I had my breasts turned into
ballerina boobs

I don’t feel pretty
and it doesn’t even matter any more
No make up
comfy not trendy
I’ll be who I damn well please

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  1. Love this! With age comes wisdom to be ourselves!

    1. Appreciate your visit and comment, Robyn!

  2. This was real and raw I like it

    1. Thanks, Sam! Yeah it was kinda raw. Got my nerve from the video inspiration.

  3. True story or not, the message is true. :)

    Glad to have you on board for the 100 Word Challenge. Can you be sure to link back to the prompt when you participate? :)

    1. Thanks, VV. The hyperlink is the title that says 100 Words #329 - Pretty.

  4. Very deep and a bit dark. Perfect.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if we just get more comfortable with ourselves as we age or if we get tired of putting up with the bull. Maybe a bit of both.

    Nice 100.

    "I’ll be who I damn well please"

    The thing to aspire to.

  6. I just returned from a business/fun trip to Texas . . . after having lived in Alaska for 35 years and being makeup-less for most of those, I had to buck myself up to remember I am who I darned well please . . . an found that all accepted me just fine that way.

    this is well written! Thanks