Thursday, April 25, 2013

Closet Secrets

Five-Sentence Fiction (Shadows)

When she heard her mother arguing with the man downstairs, Emma ran into the closet where she often hid from ugliness or
sometimes just went to play finding comfort in the darkness.

She had found a little door at the bottom of the nook behind the suitcases that she could wriggle open and fit inside, pulling the "door" back on to completely conceal her whereabouts.

After hearing the gunshots, Emma quickly found her way into her cubbyhole, hugged her knees rocking back and forth and cried silently with tears running down her cheeks.

Hours later, when the police had almost given up on finding her, a female police officer once again opened the closet door speaking softly and reassuring Emma it was safe to come out.

Hearing the kindness in the voice, and being so scared and hungry and longing for her favorite doll, she carefully began to push on the tiny door until she first saw the shadowy shoes of the lady with the nice voice, then continued until she found herself being lifted into the arms of safety. 

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  1. Nice! You had me worried up until I finished.

    1. :)) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Quite enthralling until the end. It's amazing how fearful we become when danger is at hand, and how secure we feel staying in the shadows even after the danger first passes,

  3. "lifted into the arms of safety." I wish that we all had the "arms of safety" to fall into during our most troubling times. Vivid and remarkable. Well done!

  4. I love the description in this - the hiding from ugliness. You had me going all the way through that last sentence. I wasn't sure it was going to end well, but I'm very glad it did.

  5. Thank you, Robin, Barbara and Sarah for your lovely comments!