Friday, May 3, 2013

Flying Fish Tales

VisDare 18: Inspect

Write 150 words - or less using the photo prompt.

Lydia was an adorable inquisitive child and an avid absorber of facts which played into her as-yet-undeveloped mind. She'd recently heard of flying fish making her giggle with delight watching videos of them flying through the air in the ocean. She also was most compassionate to the plight of humans, animals, and all species of the least that she had come across in her young life.

Her father, a fisherman, meant killing fish for food. But never had she seen such a large fish. The hook had been removed. She was distressed it was bleeding and still slightly moving. She lay down on the wharf, eye to eye with the fish. “Please, please,” she prayed silently. “Let this fish’s wings let him fly away. I don’t want him to hurt.” 

Her father had no idea how the fish disappeared. His daughter twirled around the wharf happily.

Words: 148


  1. Enjoyed this Maggie. Lydia magically letting her 'friend' escape, though poor dad probably not impressed after spending some time trying to land this one ashore! :-)

  2. Good one Maggie! Set free to be what it was meant to be.

  3. Great story, Maggie. Glad it had a happy ending. :) My kind of girl.

  4. Thank you, ladies! Was it magic or the little girl? I felt so badly for the fish...had to set it free!

  5. Adorable story Maggie.

  6. Childlike faith wins out --- I love these sorts of endings. Gorgeously done!!

    1. Thank you so much for saying that, Angela!

  7. Lovely. I'm dancing round the wharf with Lydia.